Vice: the spice of life 

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Virtue is an ideal we aspire to with varying levels of success. Life, though, would be far less fun without indulging an occasional guilty pleasure.

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  • Andrew Steel

Andrew Steel of Old Colorado City does "as little as possible."

What's your foremost guilty pleasure? Watching Transporter movies.

What's your favorite vice? Liquor. I like it a lot.

When did you last truly over-indulge? Last weekend.

What vice do you find annoying in others? Chewing tobacco.

If you were bent on prodigious overeating — really shoveling it in — where would you do it and what would you eat? I'd head to Panino's to load up on their prime rib and jalapeño sandwiches. It's a great bar, too.

Where do you go when you're yearning for an alcoholic beverage or two? Shae's Eats & Spirits in Old Colorado City.

<>bWhile we're on vice, whom should Clinton tap as her running mate for vice president? Her husband.

click to enlarge Katierae Spell
  • Katierae Spell

Katierae Spell of downtown is in marketing and writing.

Explain the difference between guilty pleasure and a vice. You indulge in guilty pleasures more readily than you do vices.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Dark chocolate. Netflix.

How did you last truly overindulge? I watched an entire season of How I Met Your Mother in a single day on Netflix.

What vice do you find annoying in others? Cigarettes.

Where would you go to binge out if you felt the urge? Somewhere with really good brunch food like Snooze, Over Easy or Garden of the Gods Gourmet to chow down on eggs and pancakes.


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