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Kellie Palmblad is a writer, musician, drifter and dreamer. She plays in current projects Spirettes and Vase Vide. Vase Vide released Sleep[Talk] on Nov. 16 and Spirettes headed to the studio in December to record their second release, a six-song EP.

"This list is in constant flux. Music is my only consistent companion, but it seems to follow fairly complex emotional algorithms with the ebb and flow of life. I think the only way to answer these is to simplify it to this week’s snapshot."

Essential Saturday night listening: I was on the floor with The Cure’s Disintegration and Radiohead’s In Rainbows. You know, just trying to find a friend enough to get off the floor.

Essential Sunday morning listening: Sunday morning was reserved for Joni Mitchell, getting grounded and spending time in a space I [think of like] coffee and conversation with my mom, since Joni is like my mother in the music world. I began with “Chelsea Morning” from Clouds, working my way through tracks on Ladies of the Canyon, then into Blue. Once I got my head wrapped around another week of life, this inevitably led to The Velvet Underground, where I weaned myself off dinking around on the guitar and started the laundry.

First record I bought with my own money: I had just turned 5. I was given money for my birthday and was poking around Target where I spotted the Tiffany album. Dad and I had already had the serious discussion about how these were teen pop covers of our more beloved ’60s hits or other genres and that this pop album was an attempt to showcase her voice. (It was imperative I understood how it all works.) But I loved her voice and that she belted her feelings out. She also wore all black and seemed a little sad under all the fluorescent fonts and pink. Tiffany taught me to sing, actually. Someday, I hope she will be a guest on a record I make.

“Wish I’d written that” song: “It’s Okay” by Land of Talk. Elizabeth Powell has repeatedly saved my life — who knew one could die by simple choices made on a high-hat? (Well, except Emily Gould.) That whole record, Some Are Lakes, plus Cloak and Cipher, absolutely kill me.

“Wish I could unhear that” song: “Pony” by Ginuwine. Vase Vide is insisting on torturing me with a cover of this song. I just am not sure what I did to deserve this?

My latest online discovery: I’m not sure if it’s my online discovery or if it’s my latest, but it was a life-changing discovery. Mitski’s Puberty 2 — “Your Best American Girl.” I can’t get through the video without crying. Also (sorry to everyone I keep talking to about this for the thousandth time and who’s had to be a listening hostage). I had Grouper’s “Headache” on repeat nonstop for most of December 2018. This is more of an “always knew about, but it chose me, via Spotify, to permanently live in all my layers of consciousness” listen.

Artist more people should know about: The Books. They’re geniuses, especially on Lost and Safe.

Guilty pleasure: Lana Del Rey. Wait, do I need to feel guilty about that? She’s pretty rad.


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