Water contamination, the election, bigotry, and more 


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Face the problem

Thanks to Nat Stein for an informative article on water contamination in Security, Widefield and Fountain. As a result, I sent a letter to the Pentagon, our senators and Rep. Doug Lamborn. Some excerpts:

The Air Force is admittedly responsible for contaminating the water supply for Security and Widefield. This decades-long contamination resulted from using firefighting foam containing PFCs. The Air Force has pledged money for remediation efforts and water filtration. That action is admirable and necessary. However, it does not go far enough.

Based on the advice of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, no testing of military members exposed to these chemicals or the civilian population is planned. These two towns in 2010 had a combined population of 32,882. If a terrorist attack in this country harmed that many people or contaminated their water supply, every measure would be taken to mitigate the disaster. The chemicals used by the Air Force have potentially impacted 32,882 people and our federal government refuses to provide testing to document the extent of the problem.

Your refusal to fully investigate, document and test the people of Colorado or insist that it be done and paid for by the Department of Defense raises the possibility of other contamination that state public health is willing to gloss over. If there is no safe alternative, surely disposal measures can be put into practice that prevent any future contamination. This is a difficult, regrettable situation for the Air Force, and horrible for all the people contaminated. It is time to bite the bullet and do the right, albeit expensive, thing.

— Mary J. Talbott

Colorado Springs

Emotional time

The Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist White People's Party (American Nazi Party) are very, very happy about Donald Trump's recent victory.

How about you — are you happy?

— Fred Kormos

Colorado Springs

Glossing over

Now that the voters have selected their president, will the House Oversight Committee shift its focus and spend $7 million investigating Trump University? Fat chance.

— Bob Armintor

Colorado Springs

Missed the boat

The election should've been between Bernie and Trump, but people were too afraid of the word "socialism" without even fully understanding what it means.

My response when people say "I don't support socialism!": Those socialistic ideals you don't support are things like the education system, mental health programs, nonprofits that have helped save lives and prevent destruction of our planet. I say we need more of those!

So you'd rather your tax dollars go to the military to bomb the crap out of innocent people in other countries, invade them and steal their resources or overthrow their systems because you want "democracy" there? Oh wait ... the military is a socialist ideal as well. The military is the true horror side of socialism.

— J.T. Welch

Colorado Springs

Different reaction

I have voted in every presidential race since JFK. It has always been an exciting and interesting experience. When my candidate won, it was great. When he lost, disappointing, but life went on.

This time, I am devastated, depressed and worried about what will happen to this country. It is incredibly disheartening to realize that bigotry, sexism, lying, cheating people out of what they have earned, foul language, sexual assault, ridiculing, lack of any clue as to governing, narcissism, and on and on is actually appealing to so many in the USA.

This man is the epitome of classlessness, greed, and tackiness. He has done his best to bring out the worst in everyone. To have him as president of our great country is a disgrace. Already Muslims are being attacked, schoolchildren are chanting "Build the wall!" Mexicans are worried about being separated from family and friends. Teachers have reported bullying on the rise. This is what this person has brought to us with his hateful, violence-inciting campaign.

It has always been exciting to watch a new president inaugurated, to see the pomp and circumstance. No more. I say more power to the protesters all over the country who are letting him know that winning isn't everything. Character and decency are what counts.

— Sally Alberts


Let's be sensible

In response to Jacob Purdom's letter ("Safety concerns," Nov. 9), we motorcyclists in Colorado have long resisted the simplistic fix that he offers in the name of safety. State lawmakers have struck a balance between concern for youthful, often inexperienced riders under 18, and respect for older, wiser and better-skilled motorcyclists best equipped to decide for themselves the type of safety gear to wear. We reject the tired and biased description of our vehicle of choice as "murder-cycles," and riders as "organ donors." We believe the noble motorcycle is a viable alternative. If more folks rode bikes, the need for endless highway spending and expansion would be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, we urge all motorists to look twice — save a life.

— Jim Bensberg

Colorado Springs

Income inequality

Why are the people who score touchdowns or win basketball games paid more than the men and women who sacrifice themselves to protect our country? A professional athlete can look forward to possibly making $50 million, while an enlisted service member can sign the next 25 years of their lives away perhaps making up to $80,000 a year.

Our military members carry the weight of their country's protection on their shoulders, while many are forced to rely on government assistance to support themselves and their family. At the same time we watch football players living lavishly, I watch my father, who served in the Army for 17 years, struggle to pay rent.

Service members need and deserve a drastic pay raise. They risk everything they have, physically and emotionally, only to worry about stretching their paycheck to make ends meet.

— Bailey Thomas

Colorado Springs

His own words

Donald Trump vehemently and with full authority declared the election to be rigged, thereby paving the way for invalidating his victory and declaring him a null and void president-elect. Not to do so will allow rich white trash to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Moving day will likely be as no other before, with all the dignity of a three-ring circus.

— Mimi Vacher

Colorado Springs

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