We All Fall Down 

9 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 5, Lon Chaney Theatre (screens with Found)

Many times when I watch horror films, which I do a lot, I'm left thinking that the movie would have probably been better if it was made as a short instead. We All Fall Down, however, is the type of short that I would kill to see as a full-length feature.

The eight-minute work, directed by Chris Chitaroni, opens with an adorable little boy sitting in a mostly unfurnished room, singing "Ring Around the Rosy" — always a spooky horror trope that lets viewers know they'll be in for an unsettling experience. And unsettling it is. Not more than a second later, it's shown that the kid is playing with his imaginary friend, a cloaked ... thing ... with a pointed proboscis. And neither one of them is happy that the family is moving out.

Flash forward to the new owners of the house, a young couple. Apparently the husband lived there as a child but doesn't remember much. Soon enough, the cloaked creature is haunting hubby's dreams and, well, it doesn't go well from there, with a twist ending and an even twistier revelation that left me visibly disturbed.

What makes We All Fall Down so spectacularly creepy is the fact that the audience is given absolutely no information on this imaginary friend, the hold it has over the boy, and what exactly it wants. Atmospheric and ominous, it left me with a sense of dread even hours later. Please turn this into a feature!

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