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Supermarket meats contains steroids, antibiotics and more. There's mercury in the fish and toxins in the air and water. Is this something we have to accept?

click to enlarge Aaron Gretsky
  • Aaron Gretsky

Aaron Gretsky of Manitou Springs is unemployed.

Everybody claims to object to chemicals and toxins in our food and water. How much does it actually worry you? Enough that I stay away from processed foods and carefully read ingredient labels.

Does Congress give enough priority to food safety? Congress is under the sway of big-buck food lobbyists who push back against regulation of any kind.

Predict the likelihood you'll experience a serious health problem, or a shortened life, from food and water. Health problems will be likely if I don't pay attention to what I eat and avoid foods tainted with mercury and lead, like tuna.

Would you pay more for healthier food? Being unemployed, that would be hard, but in the long run the health benefits would outweigh the higher cost.

click to enlarge Jeff Halsey
  • Jeff Halsey

Jeff Halsey of the Westside runs a street ministry for the homeless.

How much do you really worry about chemicals, growth hormones, steroids and antibodies in American meat? I know a lot about diet, and I'm very concerned about what's in our food, but the American public will consume shit. It cares a lot more about cost, convenience and profit than about health.

Does Congress give enough priority to food safety? They pretend to care, but they don't, and I don't believe a word they say about anything.

How likely is it that food additives and water toxins will endanger or shorten your life? Eighty percent. I can't afford organic food, and a lot that's labeled "organic" is a sham.

What do you do to make your diet safer? I wash my hands often. I avoid canned and processed foods. I eat foods low in sugar and sodium.

click to enlarge Elizabeth Ray
  • Elizabeth Ray

Elizabeth Ray of the World Arena neighborhood is in retail.

How deep is your actual concern about chemicals and hormones in food? I'm very concerned. My daughter just went vegan, so we actually read food labels now.

Name a food safety concern that needs more attention. GMO-engineered foods.

Do you do anything to protect yourself from toxins in food? I've stopped drinking tap water. I read food labels with care.

Would it be worth having to pay more for healthier food? I'd rather pay more for food where I know what I'm getting than to buy cheaper food that I don't know what it'll do to me in the long run.


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