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1. The statement that Milwaukee consultant John Gardner prepared for D-11 Board president Sandy Shakes to read the night she, Eric Christen, Craig Cox and Willie Breazell, were sworn into office in November, 2003.

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2. Dan Njegomir's advice to Shakes on how to buddy up with the Gazette's education reporter Shari Chaney. The second document counsels Shakes, as well as Christen, Cox and Breazell on the "do's" and "don'ts" when it comes to image and message -- and what to do when the issue of vouchers come up.

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3. In this series of e-mails beginning Feb. 27, 2004, Eric Christen claimed to consultant John Gardner that he planned to quit the board.

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Gardner then sent an e-mail to Steve Schuck inquiring about Christen's replacement, expressing concern that person may not be ideologically aligned.

Schuck then sent an e-mail to Shakes, Cox and Breazell, asking about the replacement process.

Shakes responded, expressing disappointment in Christen.

Schuck responded with this note to Shakes:

4. A Nov. 24, 2003 e-mail from John Gardner to the four new board members, discussing his and others' roles in shaping the public school district post-election.

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5. The resolution that would have paved the way to vouchers, which was watered down considerably by board member Karen Teja. The crossed out wording was what was amended out; the underlined wording was added into the resolution.

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6. Eric Christen's e-mail to Steve Schuck, after the teachers' union contract was approved.

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