ReLeaf: Fall 2012 

You're holding in your hands the 11th issue of ReLeaf, the Independent's local guide to medical marijuana resources. In the following pages, you'll find information on the various centers in our area, as well as a story looking at how the lack of consistent testing is affecting patients — and how things may improve in the future, perhaps with the passage of Amendment 64.

Speaking of the marijuana-decriminalization amendment, it's been looking strong, with a recent Denver Post poll showing 51 percent in favor, and 40 percent opposed. But it remains a touchy subject among those in the MMJ community, with general opinion seeming to lean against a "yes" vote.

Local MMJ businessman KC Stark put it this way in a recent e-mail: "[Amendment 20], patients, caregivers, growers and center entrepreneurs have made Colorado the king of Medical Marijuana in the USA. A64 may put the king at risk. After the lobbyist [sic] lost ground in Cali, are they now putting A20 at risk just to score a short-lived legal victory? Colorado is the king of medical marijuana. Amendment 20 is her queen. A64 may win, but it may also create more problems than it solves."

Whether its passage would draw more attention from the Drug Enforcement Administration is unknown. We do know that 10 Colorado centers just closed following a third wave of letters from the U.S. Attorney's office, and that a fourth wave is coming. So no doubt, the feds will be watching.

— Bryce Crawford

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