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We pretty much agree that Colorado Springs is a great place to live. Most of us, though, would tweak it in one way or another.

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Sid Nichols of Manitou Springs is a social worker

How do family and friends from elsewhere view Colorado Springs? As a very right-wing, evangelical-type place.

Does that match your experience living here? I tend to stay pretty much in Manitou Springs and the downtown area and west side of Colorado Springs. In those locales, my experience is great.

Who or what would you import to the Springs? Bob Dylan. Or maybe Bill Maher.

What or who would you export? Focus on the Family.

What's the first thing you'd do if you were mayor? Improve our public transportation system.

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Michael Parker of Old Colorado City is retired

How do people you know from elsewhere view Colorado Springs? Everybody I know loves the majesty of the landscape, but they view us as extremely conservative, politically.

Does that view match your experience living here? I enjoy Colorado Springs nature-wise, but I agree — this is an extremely conservative community.

Who would you import to Colorado Springs if you could? People with a more middle-road view of the world.

What would be your first act as mayor? Improve the infrastructure of older neighborhoods and put some money into parks, into things that make us unique and beautiful.

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Sarah Garrett of downtown is an elementary school teacher

How do people you know from elsewhere view Colorado Springs? As an amazing place to live. They're all jealous.

Does that view jibe with your experience? Pretty much. We moved here five years ago because we like outdoor things, like camping and hiking.

Is there a business or organization you'd like to come here? There's a place in Texas called Alamo Drafthouse that's a movie theater, but you can order beer and food, too. Besides new-run movies, they do theme movies and food on various occasions — like Nightmare on Elm Street on Halloween.

Whom or what in Colorado Springs would you send somewhere else? Closed-minded people and bad drivers.

What would your first act as mayor be? We had a baby recently, so I'd make all sidewalks have ramps that make them accessible for baby strollers and wheelchairs.


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