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Is it possible to eat mass-produced, processed food and still be healthy? Or does a conscious eater really need to seek out organics and the like?

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Rik Pfaelzer from Manitou Springs is retired

What are your feelings about organic versus processed foods? I only eat good, natural food. My daughter and I go out to lunch once a month, and we make sure it's healthy and mostly organic. We like to go to Naturally's Market and Cafe.

Have you ever grown your own food? Yes, years ago I did square-foot gardening. It's really good for you to get some sun and grow your own food. I believe processed food causes disease.

When's the last time you ate a Twinkie? Probably in the '80s.

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Todd Smith from the west side is a surgical technician

Do you think eating organic food makes a difference in your health? No, but I am into nutrition. As long as you eat nutritious food, it doesn't matter if it's organic or not.

Do you eat meat? Yes, but I'm not concerned about mad cow disease or anything like that. I make sure I cook it really well.

Can you see yourself being a vegetarian? No, I can't really see it for me, but I work with people who only eat fruits and vegetables and they seem really healthy. They never get sick.

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Kinsey Wedsworth from Manitou Springs is unemployed

Do you think eating organic food is the best way to go? Yes, and my mother especially feels that way. One of the reasons we moved here from Pueblo is it's hard to find good organic food down there. It's easier and cheaper here to be organic.

Why do you and your mom feel so strongly about it? It's a spiritual thing; we try not to contaminate our bodies with things that aren't natural. And you do start to feel better, and then if you eat processed food you feel sick. You can't digest it.

Do you ever eat junk food? No, but organic potato chips are still a vice.

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Judy Dilling from the west side works in retail

How do you feel about organic food? I think it's overrated, and it's more expensive. I just buy regular food. If you wash it really well, you'll be OK.

Would sustainable, organic farming be practical on a national scale? Probably not, and I try to buy locally as much as possible anyway.

Do you visit the farmers markets? No, I usually have scheduling conflicts. Any supermarket is OK, but I would go to a locally owned, independent market if there was one close by.

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