What your dog isn't saying 

Bad news is never easy. Especially when it's about you and the messenger is someone close, someone who knows too much already. But what if your tough love reality check is delivered by that special someone whose puke you just extricated from the living room carpet?

For Littleton pet psychic Patty Koop, being the medium for such a message is part of a day's work.

"Sometimes an animal will tell me something on the order of, 'My person is having relationship problems. They don't trust, and when a relationship gets to a certain point they don't trust they can carry it further, they'll deliberately sabotage it.

"And then I tell the person, 'Your dog thinks that you deliberately sabotage relationships and that's why you're still single. Your dog thinks that it's a huge problem for you and wonders if you know that you do this?"

Koop is one of several speakers at this weekend's Star Knowledge Conference at the Red Lion Hotel. Though her primary business is doing psychic readings for humans, helping a family track down a lost pet is her way of "giving back to the spirit."

"Some animals are very talkative and very forthcoming with information and they're just absolutely thrilled that someone's willing to be a translator," Koop said. "And other animals are like, 'No, I'm fine. Go away!'"

Koop discovered her gift as a young girl growing up on a farm in rural Iowa. Adopted by an elderly couple who believed children should be seen and not heard, she spent a lot of time chatting up the livestock.

It was a talent she kept under wraps until she had a family of her own.

"I used to amaze the kids because I would say, 'Go to the door and let the dog in.' And they'd say, 'He's not there.' " Sure enough, Koop said, when her kids opened the door, the dog waltzed right in.

"He told me from 20 feet away that he was coming."

-- John Dicker
photo by Sean Cayton


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