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The occasional lottery ticket, the office March Madness pool, poker night with friends, being the ninth caller for a pair of concert tickets, or even bingo for bucks — it's fun now and then to go for that elusive payday bonus.

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Angie Hardesty of the west side is director of compliance for a casino

What's the coolest prize you've ever won? A paid day-off at work.

What's your favorite game of chance? Poker.

What's the most you've ever won at it? $500.

Are you a lucky person? Luck has nothing to do with it.

Have you ever played bingo for money? A few times — at Vegas.

What image does bingo bring to mind? An ink dotter [tube of ink used to dot letters on a bingo board].

If you ever won big, describe your retirement. Hopefully, lounging in the Caribbean.

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Tommy Jones of Cheyenne Cañon works at the Air Force Academy

Have you ever played bingo for money? At church when I was a kid, but for prizes, not money.

What pops into your mind when you think of bingo? Old women screaming "Bingo!"

Is there a game you like to play for money? The Colorado lottery. The football pool at work.

What's the most you've ever won? $250 on a playoff game. I'd played the previous four to five years without winning a thing.

If you won big, what game would it be in? Powerball.

Envision your struck-it-rich retirement. Starting a second vocation making wedding cakes. As it is, I make the 30-foot-high and 11-and-a-half-feet-around (at the base) cakes for each class of cadets at the Air Force Academy Ring Dance.

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Zach Wilson of Fountain is a Metro State studetn

What's the best prize you've won? A bike in a raffle when I was a kid.

What image does bingo bring to mind? A lot of older ladies having fun in bingo parlors.

Have you ever played it for money? Once in high school as part of a fundraiser.

What do you like to play to win money? I play the lottery now and then, and I bet on sports with friends.

What's the most you've won? $100 on the Broncos' playoff win against the Steelers last year.

Are you a lucky guy? Once in a while, maybe, but not particularly.

Envision your retirement when you win big. Being able to do a few things for fun without worrying about bills.


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