Sixty seconds with the Whigs' Julian Dorio


Indy: The big change for your band recently was bringing on Tim Deaux as your new bass player after the release of Mission Control [the Athens, Ga., garage band's second album, which was released in 2008]. Tim is still in the band, so I'm guessing that means he ended up fitting in with you and [singer/guitarist] Parker Gispert?

JD: Parker and I have been playing together for a while now. We get along great, but it's finding a third person that has been so difficult. And Tim just really fit in perfectly. We couldn't have gotten along better musically and personally.

Indy: I know Parker is your band's chief songwriter, but it sounds like the writing process for the new In the Dark album was centered more around you and Tim. How did it work this time?

JD: I think nine of the 11 tracks on the record were brought to him as drum and bass songs. To most people, that would probably seem like a backwards way of doing it, but it kind of emphasized the drum and bass and the groove, and it created parameters and a vibe for Parker. I think it was nice for him — and of course he was still writing — but he was also for the first time in a long time getting to react to music instead of having to sort of be the catalyst.

Indy: So in retrospect, what are your feelings about Mission Control, which I understand you and Parker made with guest bassists back before you found Tim?

JD: I think Mission Control, which I'm proud of, was a record that was made hopefully of good songs, but also, just getting over hurdle after hurdle. It was very stressful, and we didn't really have a functioning band. There's a bit more normalcy going on here.

At Denver's Ogden Theatre, July 7.


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