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Millions of women demonstrated around the world the day after President Trump's inauguration. We reached out to some via social media.

Emily Staker of Spokane, Washington, is a political science major

"I marched in solidarity with the many, many individuals who have been both verbally abused by Donald Trump as well as chronically mistreated within society. As a woman, I felt as though it was mandatory that I use my voice and my physical presence to take up literal space and decry the xenophobia, sexism and fascism that has coincided with Trump's rise to prominence. I hope that my presence, as well as the millions of other dissenters, were a reminder to those in power that we will not be intimidated out of our democratic rights."

Lauren Goetz of Boise, Idaho, is a physical education teacher

"I march for many reasons (reproductive rights, women's rights, human rights, our planet, etc.) but the most important reason is for some of my closest friends and sisters. Justice isn't always just, but if there's one thing that's for sure it's my love and admiration for you and your strength."

Nancy Draznin-Nagy is a midwife in Moscow, Idaho

"I marched because we are a nation of immigrants. My grandparents were refugees from pogroms in Europe. Immigrants enrich the nation culturally and monetarily. Discrimination against one group harms us all. I marched because we must never go back to a time when desperate women died or became sterile from self-inflicted abortions. Whether you are for or against abortion, safe, legal, accessible abortion saves women's lives. We can never return to the days of coat hangers. I marched because our future and the futures of all of the beings on the planet depend on swift, effective action to combat climate change. Science is real. Climate change is an immediate threat."

Rosanna Cartwright of Genesee, Idaho, is an artist

"There are so many reasons for marching, it is hard to put it all into words. I believe those with much have the responsibility to support those who have less. I have many freedoms and rights, but too many still, sadly, do not. I marched for Human Rights and Equality for all. I marched for access to health care for all women, men and children. I marched for my mom and my grandmothers. I marched for my daughters and their daughters and their daughters. I marched for the other women and men who are brave enough to protest in places where it is dangerous to dissent. I marched for those people who don't have the access to health care and basic necessities I have. I marched for the marginalized. I marched for the women who oppose us because I want their world to be better, too. I marched to show my dissent. I marched to show I will not normalize the president's crude behavior. We are better together. I marched for a better America."

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