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Re: “And the beat goes on

Good detective work Purgatory! By discovering the vehicle tracks, you have also (perhaps inadvertently) discovered the meaning of the word "MANUEVER". Hence, why Pinion Canyon is called a "MANUEVER" Site. Looking at mapping in the aggregate, over the last 10 years and you can see the difference I was referring to between on PCMS and off. But that would not has suited your intent, would it? As usual, you add in "half truths" to your findings. Since when do vehicle tracks equate to a "damaged" and "ravaged environment"? If that were the case at PCMS, why then is there much more wildlife and habitat on the Installation that off? Why do flora and fauna seem to flourish here more so than off Site? Could it be that there is no livestock grazing allowed on PCMS? Might it be that the Army takes better care of the land and its resources better than off the Installation? Of course, you won't agree. One need look no further than your original post to know that you will never believe in anything that the Army does. You still believe that the Army wants more land adjacent to PCMS for crying out loud. FACT: The Army had no bonafide need to expand, and you are right on one point, it was a PR nightmare, so they stopped the action. Why can't you give credit where credit is due? I know, it is not in your make-up, and not how you, Not1MoreAcre!, etc. operate. You'd rather subvert, attempt to sway public opinion with lies and half truths and make the Army disprove what you say. In your eyes, not disproving any one of your points makes it a fact. This goes to "tell a lie often enough". I have neither the time nor the inkling to argue "stuck on stupid" non-points with you, so I'll not address you personally anymore. But I also will NOT allow continued lies to be told by those that (for one reason or another) want the Army gone from the area. Warriors that defend this Country must have places to train, whether you like it or not.

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Posted by Wild Bill on 11/06/2015 at 9:27 AM

Re: “And the beat goes on

There goes Not 1 More Acre! again skewing the numbers in such a way to make it look as if the Army is training so much more at PCMS than it has in the in the past, with no remediation possible or plausible. This is a "smoke and mirrors" response , as training in a "maneuver capacity" is much different than training on a range, where Unit's fire, and then return to the cantonment area on an established road or leave the Site entirely (such as law enforcement does). Jean Aguerre would also have the public believe that the Army training at PCMS puts it at greater risk for a "dustbowl" type re-occurrence, and further that "scientist agree"? To the first accusation...BULL BUTTER! One need look no further that Google Earth to disprove this fallacy. Look at PCMS and then scan oven the surrounding cattle ranches. Now which one of the two looks more like the dustbowl? Second, by saying "scientist agree", Mrs. Aguerre implies all scientist. Perhaps the scientist on the dole of Not ! More Acre! agree, but not all scientist, as she'd have the public believe. Not1MoreAcre is very well know for telling half-truths, using voodoo math to attempt to validate the inaccurate conclusions that it'd like for the public to buy into. What does the public really know about Not1MoreAcre! and its goals? Try accessing their website...oh wait, that is not possible. Bottom line, the Army is much more transparent in its goals and intent that Not1MoreAcre! ever was or is. Last point, Tom Warren, the Deputy GC? Not likely. Perhaps Pam Zubeck should "investigate" how and why Mr. Warren really left the Army Civilian Work Force.

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Posted by Wild Bill on 11/05/2015 at 10:59 AM

Re: “Drones coming to Carson, plan for high-risk houses, and more

Thank you for quoting "pacifist Bill Sulzman", without offering the Military a quote also. Might I suggest that Mr. Salzman fly over to Iraq and check to see if ISIS is on board with the pacifist's ideals. Better yet, perhaps he would be willing to send his children and grand children over to "better educate" ISIS on the message of peace and toleration....

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Posted by Wild Bill on 07/17/2015 at 12:25 PM

Re: “Pueblo rancher gets windfall from Springs water users

Is this dude really for real?? Does anyone out there realize the money that he's made off the Army through the ACUB program, which exists in order to support army training, to the tune of well over 15 million dollars? Most of us would go fishing. But not Mr. Walker. He shows his appreciation by then releasing black footed ferrets with 100 yards of the Carson fence line. In a previous interview with the Pueblo Chieftain, regarding the Southern Delivery System, he would have the reader believe that he is the "little guy". Yeah, right..
Mr. Walker is a "conservation steward" alright. At the top of the list for that "stewardship" is Mr. Gary Walker himself. If I's a bettin man, I'd lay wager that Fort Carson is next on his list of law suits..

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Posted by Wild Bill on 07/06/2015 at 2:40 PM

Re: “Training wheels

Yep, that what they call it a "Maneuver Site there "Purgatory". Try "Google earth" and see which land looks the best, that of PCMS, or that of the ranch land being grazed on surrounding PCMS. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see exactly who is the cause of the potential dustbowl. Seeing the grass on PCMS, one has no doubt as to exactly why the ranchers want the land and grazing rights there. Trouble is, IF PCMS were ever to come up for sale, none of them could afford to buy it. But they'd lease it, at least for a little while, until it looked like the barren land to which most of the ranches look now.

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Posted by Wild Bill on 06/08/2015 at 1:57 PM

Re: “Carson calls meeting in the boonies

Purgatory Pilgrim misses the mark in his comments above, expecting the public to buy into his half truths. Mrs. Johnsons responses are most certianly correct and credible.
Yes, STRYKER will be posted on-site after sunset. Ever heard of portable stadium lighting?? Well, there ya go. Additionally, certified folks will be on hand to answer any questions that the public might have on the equipment display.
Response to the taxpay money saved missed the mark too. Mrs. Johnson is indicating a savings of taxpayer dollars due to those from Carson speaking at the public meeting two night in a row having to get hotel accomodations, food per diem, Overtime pay, fuel costs etc. The government and army are STILL under sequestration...or haven't you heard? NOT holding two public meetings gives SIGNIFICANT savings in tax dollars spent. If you considered the big (whole) picture rather than just worrying about yourself all the time you have realized that fact.
Not sure exactly WHAT your point is in the third paragraph? LOTS of folks from Colorado Springs are interested in what happens at PCMS, they just don't choose to make the drive down. And they are in NONE of the occupations that you mention above. So, just for fun, let's see how many folks from the Springs show up, as compared to "locals" for this event. You also fail to mention the fact that whether or not folks attend the public meeting, they are welcomed to write in a question or comment THAT MUST BE responded to by the Army. So..one does NOT have to be physically at the meeting to have a question or concern answered.
In the end, although you don't come right out and say it, you just do not want any training to occur at Pinion Canyon. The fact is that the Army owns that land and HAS to be able to train there before putting our Soldiers into harms way. If it were your son or daughter, wouldn't you want them to be fully prepared? Would you stand by their training or be first to point out how wrong the government was for failing them?
Wild Bill

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Posted by Wild Bill on 11/07/2014 at 11:32 AM

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