With a whimper or a bang? 

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Alien invasion, ecological catastrophe, the rapture, nuclear annihilation, collision with an asteroid — many a speculation has been proffered about how it'll all end for us humans. Last one out, turn out the lights.

click to enlarge Mylo Patton
  • Mylo Patton

Mylo Patton in the Citadel Mall neighborhood manages a smoke shop.

Predict how the world will end. A nuclear holocaust will fry us like eggs on a skillet for breakfast.

If you could choose the way it ends, how would it go down? A giant meteor ends it all quickly. No one suffers.

In the long run, do humans make earth better or worse off? Worse. In fact, far worse. We have an unbroken, across-the-board history of polluting and ruining rivers, oceans and forests that give life to the animals, birds and fish living in them. We catastrophically over-develop and use things up.

Envision the earth without humans. Biologically, at least, it would flourish. We'd see peaceful green everywhere with lush forests and crystal pure water.

What activity would you choose if you knew the world was ending? Spend time with my son; relax; wait for the end.

click to enlarge Caesar Gonzales
  • Caesar Gonzales

Caesar Gonzales of Shooks Run is a liquor sales rep.

How will the world end? All the idiots vote for Donald Trump and he ends up pressing the big red button.

If you could choose its demise, how would the world end? I'd bring Jerry Garcia back and my girlfriend and I and everyone in the world would go out watching a Grateful Dead concert.

Would the planet flourish or decline without humans? So far, it's both flourished and declined with humans here. It's hard to say now how the planet would fare with humans gone.

What would you do in the final few hours if you knew the world was about to end? I'd get all my boys together to play as many golf courses as possible.

click to enlarge Sherry Smith
  • Sherry Smith

Sherry Smith of Downtown is a logistics agent.

How will the world end? I'm pretty sure it'll be in a zombie apocalypse.

If you could choose the ending — the final show in a popular, record-breaking run — how would the world end? Poof! It's all gone. A two-second fireball, it's all over.

Envision earth devoid of people. Without people, it's calm and green with little butterflies flitting about, clear water, birds singing.

Would the planet flourish or decline in the absence of human inhabitants? It depends on how you define "flourish." Nature would thrive enormously, but a lot fewer Trump Towers would be built.

If you knew the end were imminent, how would you spend the time left? Swim in the ocean. Sit on the beach.


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