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Re: “Sheriff Maketa gets a stinging wakeup call on friendly ground

Ok "Disgusted." I have tried to remain professional on here. I am just an ordinary citizen who decided to sound in. From what I hear from my neigbors and friends, Maketa will join the ranks of the unemployed or underemployed soon. Let's face it.... he doesn't qualify to manage a Walgreens, let alone a multimillion dollar tax base where he has the power to give outragous increases in salary to women that are willing to sleep with him. I am done here. See you all at the poles.

Posted by woodmoores on 04/22/2010 at 11:07 PM

Re: “Sheriff Maketa gets a stinging wakeup call on friendly ground

Hey all.... this is going to be an interesting race. It's the one to watch. These guys need to go head to head in a DEBATE or two before the mail out ballots go out for early voting! It appears that Chief Shirk is VERY PREPARED and wants his turn at the podium to get his message out. Also to set the record straight on his plan. It is actually very conservative plan and will not ruffle to many feathers. This is being made to be way more than it is and being used by EPSO Command Staff to make everyone think they are going to lose their jobs.

Posted by woodmoores on 04/20/2010 at 8:19 PM

Re: “Sheriff Maketa gets a stinging wakeup call on friendly ground

Disgusted.... Nobody is saying Maketa hasn't done a lot for the county. We must have the highest standard for the chief law enforcement officer in the county. If Sheriff Maketa did not have these affairs with his Chief, Comptroller and Dispatch Superviser, than why won't he take a polygraph and clear the air. Make fools out of all these bloggers on here.
With that said I am supporting Chief Shirk. I have talked with the man and truly believe he has the right plan for this time in this economy. Shirk has no intention of firing any existing employees. He is not getting a fair analogy on that. His plan is to take place over 18 months through attrition and reassignments. For instance... does the county really need "Mounted Deputies" cleaning horse stalls. Maketa stated that he did not want to continue on and then his handlers staged a fake rally to talk him into returning. He flip flopped on top of all the allegations.
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.
PS: If Maketa knows who these bloggers are.... that's pretty scary.

Posted by woodmoores on 04/20/2010 at 1:38 PM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

Hey everyone.... I am going to sound in. I know 20% more Deputies on the road doesn't sound like much. It equates to 2-4 more deputies on shift (during power hours). It is not just the citizens Shirk wants to protect. It's the deputies who sometimes have to wait for cover that is 30 minutes away. Shirk is always concerned for the safety of his officers. Just take a look into the trunk of a Monument PD cruiser. During the New Life Church shooting last year, a solo Monument Officer arrived as one of the first responders and was better equipped than any other patrol officer on scene. Shirk brought that agency from one of the state’s most poorly equipped and trained, to a highly respected agency, with very little money from the towns slim budget. He called on everyone to improvise and help with new ideas, grants, military and larger agency surplus.
Next, I also know that Shirk is a straight shooter and is not a politician throwing out a bunch of lies that are not realistic. His plan is going to take time. He has said that he has no intention on firing good deputies in the jail, but through normal cycles of attrition (etc) and privatizing some services. The savings will allow him to move some of those highly trained deputies onto the road. This is just one of many ideas. As far as his command staff goes, he has said that he plans on bringing a few trusted soles that will help him accomplish the task at hand. From what I understand, these few aren’t going to be brought in as bureau chiefs or at undersheriff level; they will be at lower ranks, but high enough to function and help with the mission. He wants to get the most bang for OUR buck and get the right people in the right seat. I believe the first phase will be to sit down and talk with representatives from each division and share ideas.
From what I have seen of Chief Shirk, he has no ego… he is a no nonsense street cop that loves to work with street level officers, yet has the resume’ to be in charge.
Shirks only weakness; if you want to call it one; is that he is not a polished politician. We need to help get the word out and have a grass roots campaign for the primary election. Please go to his web site www.chiefjake4sheriff.com and sign up to volunteer. The biggest and most impossible hurdle was overcome last Saturday. (44.3% of the delegate vote; while in Makita’s house with all the backing and free money from the party)
Now we need to take it to the people and help get our next Sheriff hired.

Posted by woodmoores on 04/13/2010 at 7:20 PM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

FYI: To 152OOneida: not directed to 1520Oneida
You do not have a clue as to what you are talking about.
1. Jake Shirk is not involved in any way with John Anderson. Shirk met Anderson one time in his career more than 15 years ago. Anderson is not running anything.
2. Jake Shirk has alway stated that the jail he oversaw was a 72 hour holding facility. A jail is a jail and he is not running on the platform of running jails.
3. Ask anyone who has or works for Shirk. He is not an office boss who barks out orders. He lets his people manage their departments and yes he has the final say, but is more of a mentor and advisor. Much like Terry Maketa in this respect.
4. Chief Shirk does not have to toot his own horn.... ask someone who works for him what kind of man he is.
5. We will now let the voters decide. Terry Maketa has publicly stated that he will not complete a third term. Isn't it better that we the people vote in our next Sheriff instead of having Sheriff Maketa pick our next Sheriff. We all know that the commissioners and committees will go with whoever he decides on, thus taking away our vote.
6. This is not directed to 1520Oneida.... it seems someone is trying to use your log in and discredit your statements.

Posted by woodmoores on 04/12/2010 at 8:52 AM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

Wow.... all this negative commenting on Shirk is crazy. Let's set the record straight.
1. He will be the most QUALIFIED Sheriff this county has ever had. He has 35 years of experience and was a division commander with the city of Aurora with hundreds of sworn officers under his leadership. You just cant fake that!
2. Talk to his campain folks. Shirk has demanded a clean campain. He is running on his resume alone. He has nothing but respect for Terry Maketa and has never spoken or written a bad word about the man.
3. He has no intention of firing anyone unless they need to be. His plan is to make the adjustments over a 2 year period through natural attriion and realignment of assignments and equipment. Not by outfitting more vehicles. His plan is to have existing trained deputies supervising civillian jail technicians. Again, this will be a process over his term. The current employees will help improvise this plan. Shirk is a TEAM PLAYER and allows his staff to be creative in obtaining goals. The Monument Police Department has become one of the county's most progressive little departments under this plan. Ask any graduate from the Citizens Academy what they learned about this guy and his leadership.
4. The Officers and Deputies in Monument work extremly well together and are all on the same team with the same goal.... to serve the citizens and go home at the end of shift. Yes, Monument does use services when needed from the Sheriff's Office. The system works very well in Northern El Paso County. Shirk plans to repeat this plan with all the cities in the county and have a ageny laison commander doing this full time. Share resources and traing. It's all property of us taxpayers. Why should one ageny have and the other have not!
5. I know Jake Shirk and let me tell you.... He is a very kind and considerate man. He has a great retirement and salary right now. He is not doing this for financial gain. He wants to do this with all his heart because he trully loves law enforcement and believes he can help improve the services to our county. He wants to wrap up his carreer serving us all. He is not trying to take Terry Maketa's job. Chief Shirk decided to run when Maketa stated he was not running for a third term because it was not fair to do so, knowing that he would resign before completing it and that he was seeeking private employment.
6. Lastly.... leave the Monument Officers out of all this. They are a professional group and don't need to be insulted by some of these comments. Most work there because they live in and love the community. They are a very tight knit group of men and women that are respected by their fellow El Paso County officers. Ask the deputies that work the Northern county what their opinion is. Don't spread nasty statements when you don't have a clue.

Posted by woodmoores on 04/11/2010 at 9:54 AM

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