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When Colorado native Wyatt Houseman graduated from high school, his greatest desire was to start a metal band and find a related trade to help support it. And that’s just what happened. In fact, he’s currently vocalist and lyricist for two Manitou-based metal bands: Helleborus and Akhenaten. Wyatt’s brother Jerred handles music and arrangements for both bands, who will each be releasing sophomore albums later this year. In addition to managing the bands’ business affairs, Wyatt also does design and marketing for bands, labels and festivals — including Colorado Springs’ 71Grind festival — through his company Hidden Hand Extreme Music Marketing. We checked in with Wyatt recently to ask about some of his favorite recordings.

First record I bought with my own money: In Defiance of Existence by Old Man’s Child at Sunshine Tapes & Audio in Kalispell, Montana. I really dug right into extreme metal; it was a calling. I remember an old high school friend took advantage of the CD player in art class one day, when we had a sub filling in. I remember loving what I heard coming through the speakers, and loving the disgusted faces on the teacher and some of the students.

Essential Saturday night listening: If I’m going out to socialize at a club or a bar, it would have to be dark, groovy and romantic. I will usually pick specific bands that really hit a mood for me and invoke the kinds of moods I want in certain social settings. Like The Sisters of Mercy’s Floodland or Type O Negative’s October Rust, [Belgian band] Emptiness, or the new Ulver album The Assassination of Julius Caesar.

Essential Sunday morning listening: I like cooking my own breakfast and listening to classics that my parents raised me on: Bob Wills, Jimmie Rodgers, Hank [Williams] Senior, Marty Robbins, Slim Whitman, Marshall Tucker Band. It really puts me in a balanced and humbling mood, positive and ready for the day. I’m not by any means a morning person, I enjoy my late nocturnal hours. Classic tracks from these artists really go well with my morning sun and coffee.

Latest online discovery: On Bandcamp, I recently discovered Suffering Hour, an amazing guitar-driven death metal band from Minnesota. I bought their album and literally, by the humor of the Gods, I met the guitarist at a show that same night. Found out he just recently moved to Denver.

“Wish I’d written that” song: I’ve never had such a thought really, but I would have to say something like [Led Zeppelin’s] “Immigrant Song,” only because I’m sure the royalties made from that song are insane. So, for this question, it would really involve a question of money I guess. I have my own craft and never thought about the idea of me writing someone else’s song.


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