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Re: “UPDATE: Colorado Springs police chief to Douglas Bruce: You're 'obnoxious'

But, but Dougie dear, wouldn't creating, maintaining, and securing data for an Amber Alert Do Not Call list just end up creating a taxpayer funded expense, for a service that NOBODYwants, something you claim to have opposed your entire life? Oh, that's right, you're happy to impose taxes that benefit ONLY you.

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Posted by Wyldesage on 07/04/2017 at 1:35 PM

Re: “Dutch Mill becoming 503 West; meet Café Leo and more transitions

I used to eat breakfast at the Old Dutch Mill after graveyard shifts, once a week. Since it was MY "Friday Night", I'd kick back a Shock Top or two, as soon as they started serving at 7am. I was just looking the bar up, as I may try to visit The Springs, soon. I was a bit sad, but also very excited, to find this article. The food at The Old Dutch Mill was PHENOMENAL... it was ABSOLUTELY the BEST dive-bar food I have encountered in over 4 decades on this planet. If she's gone into fine-dining, I have no doubt it's amazing.

Posted by Wyldesage on 06/25/2015 at 9:27 AM

Re: “From Bach to burlesque

Yay Peaks and Pasties, and Yay Broken Glass Photography!!!

Posted by Wyldesage on 08/28/2014 at 6:34 PM

Re: “Scoop: At last comes Finding Nemeth

WTH are you talking about Bryce. If someone has A Scoop story they aren't downtowners. If someone is a downtowner, they have a million Scoop stories. Half my final years in CoSprings is a Scoop story. He'd even help me avoid my ex husband when I was hobbling around downtown, after I'd barely escaped with my life.

BTW Dina, you KNOW I have mad love for you, but I have to disagree with you so many ways on this. First of all, the misogyny thing. Yup, he certainly sees women as sexual creatures, but pretty much anyone with both a Y chromosome and an attraction to women does. He just lacks the filter to keep his admiration of the female form in check. Unlike a true misogynist, he doesn't see us as creatures of weakness or subservience. Most of the poems I bought from him back in the day had us kicking ass and taking names... just wearing micro minis when we did it. As you know, along side my McJobs and also my time in finance and semiconductors, I also worked in "adult" jobs on the side. Guys with Brian's brand of "Misogeny" were the ones I never had to worry about trying to harm me, unlike MOST of the others.

Also, he never threatened the woman at Rico's. As someone who's spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time with the man, I am confident in saying he wasn't implying HE was going to be handing out the consequences. I'm pretty sure "the consequences" were living in a society where social decline and poverty were the norm. It's just that he doesn't have all the means that you and I have to express that properly.

I didn't find his emotional outburst frightening at all. Perhaps a bit concerning, but I was more concerned about his emotional health at that moment than the safety of others... because that was REALLY the only thing at risk at that moment.

You're correct that ideally people aren't meant to be pets to provide local color. However, even the best of times things will never be "ideal".. and these are hardly the best of times. Being looked upon as a pet sucks... but it sure as hell beats being locked away in a criminal or mental institution or being treated with scorn for being different.

C'mon Dina, considering all the bastards to outright monsters you and I have known in our lives, we can cut ol' Brian a little slack, can't we?

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Posted by Wyldesage on 10/04/2013 at 5:15 PM

Re: “Weigh in on the panhandling ban

It's an illegal law, actually. The Colorado State Supreme Court ruled that panhandling was free speech in the 1990's.
I lived in downtown Colorado Springs for nearly 20 years, and yeah, I got asked for money. In the entire 20 years only one guy was rude when I said no. Anyone who gets their panties in a bunch over being asked is a bit of a whiner, in my opinion. Just say no and walk on... or actually kick a couple quarters.
You have the right to keep your money if you want, but you don't have the right to suspend constitutional rights just so you aren't asked an inconvenient question.
(BTW.. how many of you people advocating the ban here belong to the dominant religion in Colorado Springs? You know the one, the one that states it's your DUTY to be charitable)

Posted by Wyldesage on 01/03/2013 at 10:50 PM

Re: “Letters

Janice.. it is people LIKE YOU who are why massage parlors involving human trafficking are so common. YOU personally, and those like you are DIRECTLY responsible for this. The abuse of women and children is on YOUR hands, not on those of prostitutes. That's the LEAST of what YOU and people with your attitudes are responsible for. Indeed, you had to directly LIE to support your view.. nations with legalized prostitution largely see LESS human trafficking and child slavery.

This city is a perfect example. I was an escort here in the mid to late 90's. This was my choice, and it enabled me to support my family, collect rare books, devote time and money to charity, and basically live a modestly comfortable life while saving for my future. Did I like my job? I CERTAINLY liked it better than I liked working fast food, and i felt like less of a "whore" giving hand-jobs than I did working in the mortgage industry. It was much safer than when i worked in semiconductor fabrication.

Ignorant, self-righteous, "do gooders" like yourself decided to put pressure on city council to put stricter laws and enforcement upon the agencies who employed girls like me.

The truly professional agency owners and escorts were put largely out of business. Many of us lost our savings, our homes, and our safety before the economic crisis hit. I personally know many girls who had to quit school, and lose their opportunity for a better life.

This increased the market for the massage parlors that traffic women from overseas who are lured with promises of other careers. This left the remaining escort agencies unsafe, because it mostly left the more shady and dangerous characters running them.

It has become more unsafe for the girls, as it's more difficult for them to receive help if they're attacked by the customer, or treated like property by those they work for. It makes the girls who are independent workers more likely to be arrested.. many of whom have children to support. (and believe me, those children are VERY likely to be sexually abused in foster care if mom is convicted) I

It's made it more dangerous for the customers if they get an unsavory, less professional girl who wishes to rob or blackmail them.

It's made it more dangerous for the public health of the ENTIRE DAMNED CITY. With less professional girls working, fewer take safety precautions or get properly checked for their health. Less agencies are willing to speak frankly with girls to educate them on how safe sex is more than just a condom.

What's more, this is the United States of America. How dare YOU, or anyone else tell me, any other girl, or prospective customers what we're allowed to do. We are consenting adults. There are other laws to handle human trafficking and child abuse.

Legalizing prostitution FULLY will eliminate the financial incentive for human trafficking. It will make it less likely that unwilling participants are involved, as they can more readily seek help from law enforcement. It will make it safer for the public, as it will make it easier for providers to educate themselves on how to protect themselves and their customers from diseases that might spread through the whole community. It will make people more likely to speak up if they DO see someone being abused. It will also give the economy a boost, as girls will be more likely to pay taxes in a job that is legitimate... and it will create opportunity for many women.

You really should be ashamed of yourself. Aside from directly aiding the abuse of women and children by pushing such views; you are clearly a control freak who is hostile to women who don't follow your personal opinion of what a woman should do. If you truly believed men and women are equal, you'd realize that YOU have no more right to force such opinions on your sisters than a man does.

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Posted by Wyldesage on 01/03/2012 at 7:47 PM

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