Your guide to Southern Colorado’s cannabis culture (Digital flip-book) 

ReLeaf Spring 2018

click image Click the image for the digital flip-book. - DESIGNED BY DUSTIN GLATZ
  • Designed by Dustin Glatz
  • Click the image for the digital flip-book.
Hello, and welcome to our 4/20 issue. With the party about to start, we know that many of you are hitting up your local dispensary to score a celebratory stash. We hope you enjoy the holiday to the fullest!

But the marijuana you’re smoking, vaping, dabbing or eating isn’t the only miracle to come out of the cannabis plant. In this issue, we celebrate the potential of marijuana’s cousin crop, hemp.

We’re guessing that hemp is already impacting your life. Maybe it’s the hemp hearts you add to your smoothie (hello, vegan protein!). Maybe you love your durable hemp backpack. Or maybe you buy CBD medicine derived from hemp to control your child’s seizures.

All those uses alone would make hemp one of the most remarkable plants to grace our fields. But the truth is, that’s the tip of the iceberg. Hemp has tens of thousands of uses in sectors ranging from agriculture to textiles, recycling, automotive, furniture, food/nutrition/beverages, paper, and personal care. One day, hemp could even help us solve energy problems, or revolutionize the construction industry, plus improve our health and much more.

Please forgive the fact that we can’t cover all the uses for this amazing plant in this issue of ReLeaf. Instead, we’re highlighting some of the bright spots. Review your hemp FAQs; explore how one little mountain shop is healing with hemp’s CBDs; learn about the advent of hempcrete; and explore some of the hemp products you can stock up on locally. Plus, see a quantitative look at where the legalization movement is headed on p. 16.

And hey, when you’re celebrating 4/20 this year, remember that cannabis isn’t just about feeling good. It really could be about healing the world.


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