Four socially distant ways to stay educated and entertained this week

To encourage social distancing during the spread of COVID-19, we are altering our regular “Event Horizon” section for the foreseeable future. While many local events have been canceled, we will clue you into at least one local online experience — this week: a town hall meeting about recent protests with community advocates — and recommend some things you can do at home or safely out and about. Please continue to support local arts during this difficult time.


Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen

Through the examination of more than a century of film and television clips, Disclosure explores Hollywood’s misrepresentation and marginalization of trans people on screen. Leading trans performers and activists such as Laverne Cox and Zeke Smith discuss the problems with how trans individuals are treated in some of pop culture’s most popular films, television shows and characters. More than that, they share deeply personal stories about how those films affected the way they viewed themselves. Disclosure offers deep insight into the role Hollywood has played in dehumanizing trans people in the eyes of society. Premiers June 19 on Netflix.



Danez Smith’s book of unflinching, intimate poetry encompasses the anger, joy, pain, hope and pride they have experienced as a Black, queer, HIV-positive individual navigating a world that is hostile to all that defines them. Through page after page of carefully crafted, beautiful verse, Smith shocks with brutal honesty and soothes with the balm of love and friendship. Their work is not only a deeply moving experience, it is a shining testament to their exceptional poetic skills. While referring to any artist as one of the best or greatest in their generation tends to inspire scoffing and rolling eyes, in Smith’s case, it is unequivocally true.


Food 4 Thot

When a podcast describes itself as “Like The View, but not terrible,” you know you’re in for an interesting time. Food 4 Thot hosts Tommy, Fran, Dennis and Joe tackle a variety of topics both irreverent and profound, from Ariana Grande and graphic sex tips (unrelated) to literature, queer theory and identity politics. The unfiltered banter and obvious affection shared by the hosts makes you feel like you stumbled into a weekly happy hour session and got invited to pull up a chair. Be warned, this podcast is unmistakably not safe for work. Or children. Or your conservative grandparents. In short, use headphones. Available on most podcast platforms.


The Search for Planet X

Joining a long list of new board games successfully crowdfunded with Kickstarter campaigns, The Search for Planet X has finally hit retail shelves for purchase by non-backers. Players take on the role of astronomers who seek to, you guessed it, find Planet X. Using observations and logical deductions while tracking your data on nifty sheets, you work to narrow down the possible locations and beat your opponents to discovery. Gameplay takes place on a traditional board and is facilitated by a companion app that preselects the planet and then assists you in scanning when it’s time to make your educated guess. Each round, players perform scans with the app, attend conferences and “publish” papers to score points. The game is structured for 1 to 4 players, which makes it ideal for solo evenings, date nights or small, socially distant gatherings. Available now at most game retailers.