Cannabis oil extracts

This Saturday is my favorite unofficial holiday — 710! It's the newest stoner holiday, occurring every year on July 10 (710 flipped looks like "OIL"). But what does July 10 really mean?

There are lots of origin stories for April 20, or 420. Some have said the code began because some police may have used 420 when reporting cannabis consumption. Some believe it's connected to The Grateful Dead. Some even say it has to do with Adolf Hitler's birthday! But the truth is much  simpler. The term, I believe, was started in the '70s by a group of five California high school stoners who called themselves Waldos. They had been looking for a supposed abandoned cannabis crop and would meet at 4:20 p.m. every day after school to begin their search. They never found the crop, but after High Times popularized the story in the '90s, the rest is history.

Now what about 710?

Sadly, 710 does not have as clear an origin story. Some say it comes from Urban Dictionary. Others claim it was created by Task Rok of The Highly Educated (a company that makes products for hash oil consumption). But Rok himself won't take credit, saying the term belongs to the community.

So, does it really matter how 710 started? For me, 420 had so many different origin stories that they helped create a sense of mystery and wonder.

So, my advice: Let's keep the origins of 710 under wraps and just get stoned!