Candy Glue’s got some “feral potential”
Candy Glue’s got some “feral potential”
Candy Glue’s got some “feral potential”
Some heavy hitters are swirling around inside Candy Glue, made up of a hybrid of Zkittlez (a really crisp Indica-dominant made up of Grape Ape and Grapefruit) and Gorilla Glue #4 mixed with the well-known — and well-worn — weed strain Girl Scout Cookies. The GSC is what makes Candy Glue dependable and predictable and heavy.

I have said this all before I know, more than once even, but the appearance of Girl Scout

Cookies also has a frustrating food trend quality to it: Combining some tried-and-true successes (Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies) is a sort of by-committee, Marvel movie anti-creativity that makes passable new hybrids fueling the ever-expanding mainstreaming of weed. These crowd-pleasers will stick around yet never disrupt. I’ve whined about those maximalist strains that just knock you on your ass and leave you blurry-brained too, but those are at least going for something, you know?

So, Candy Glue will do the job just fine even if you’re not a novice and you think too much about WHAT WEED MEANS, MAN. Where Candy Glue gets interesting though is in the details. Sweet smells fly out of its stippled-looking buds when you break one open. It seems to almost crack from all the crystallized stuff covering it.
I imagine the bud breaking apart in slow motion, trichomes crumbling off like when those little droplets of moisture shoot off a big red lobster claw being cracked in one of those ridiculous — and vaguely erotic somehow — Red Lobster commercials. Grinding Candy Glue up gives off a whiff of chocolate and cheap cologne (on top of the high-fructose corn syrup fruit snacks flavors) and smoking it is, well, a bit of a challenge.
It is high in THC — sometimes pushing past 25 percent — and the effects seem to hit plateaus of stoned rather than a simpler “more makes you more high” sort of high.Smoke a little bit and it doesn’t last long. This Sativa-dominant (though not by much; it’s a 60/40 split here) covers you with calm (without dimming your enthusiasm or excitement) and lacks a comedown, so you’re just suddenly more present again.
You need to tend to yourself and smoke two or three times over the period you’d usually be smoking just once. But if you just smoke a lot at once, it has a very different effect: a wobbling interiority takes hold.

I started to hear ringing in my ears. This is usually something that larger doses of edibles get going for me, like when I take 30 to 40 milligrams (usually to sleep). And while I can’t say that’s going to happen to everybody, it speaks to the feral potential in this strain that at first might seem like it is half-stepping.