Cannabiz: Industry provides pesticide update , more
Industry provides pesticide update

State regulators have updated Colorado’s list of pesticides approved for use on marijuana and marijuana products. As a result, Mite-Phite ZM, VaRx Brand MaxRx, AG PAA, and Fortify Miticide have been added to the list of pesticides that growers in Colorado may use.

Currently, the list is provided by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, a group that fields requests from the community to review and determine pesticide use.

Although there are more than 400 pesticides approved for use in the state, there are no federal or official Environmental Protection Agency standards in place for marijuana nationwide. Those seeking organic cannabis certification in Colorado and other states work with groups like the Organic Cannabis Association. These programs work to certify growers who only use certain products. Visit for the list of pesticides approved for use in Colorado. 

Proposal would permit reenlistment of troops who admit they used marijuana

The 2021 House National Defense Authorization Act approved by the House Armed Services Committee, includes a provision that would permit the military to grant one-time reenlistment waivers to former troops who admit they’ve used marijuana.

Under a proposal by Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Arizona, former service members could disclose that they had used marijuana after they had separated from the military and apply for a reenlistment waiver.

“Smoking pot just once shouldn’t prevent a patriotic American from fighting for our country,” Gallego said in a release. “We need to finally exercise some common sense when it comes to our marijuana policies, and I’m glad my amendment will lead us in that direction.”

Currently, troops who admit to using any form of cannabis are barred from reenlisting. Gallego’s amendment would allow service members convicted of a misdemeanor marijuana offense, or those who admit use at the level of a misdemeanor and were not on active duty at the time, to seek a waiver.

“There’s ample evidence that the social and personal consequences are far worse for alcohol use than for marijuana use — but we wouldn’t be able to assemble even one Marine Corps regiment if we excluded everyone who’s ever had a sip of beer or whiskey,” Gallego said, according to

Colorado’s marijuana market sets sales record in may

Colorado’s marijuana sales are booming this year. According to state Department of Revenue data, Colorado’s cannabis dispensaries sold almost $192.2 million worth of marijuana products in May 2020. The state reported $42.9 million in medical marijuana sales and $149.1 million adult-use cannabis sales. Sales rose nearly 23 percent over April, which is typically the most lucrative month for sales due to the unofficial 4/20 holiday. May’s numbers show an 11 percent increase over the record high of $173.2 million, set in August 2019. Marijuana sales for 2020 from January to May reached $779 million. Last year’s sales totaled $1.7 billion.