Cannabiz: Manitou extends dispensary hours to midnight, more

Maggie’s Farm and Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs can stay open later.

Manitou extends dispensary hours to midnight

Manitou Springs City Council passed an ordinance Aug. 4 that extends hours of operation to midnight for medical marijuana centers and retail marijuana stores. 

The ordinance, already in effect, lets dispensaries decide whether to stay open later, according to a news release issued by the city. Each business must notify the Manitou Springs Planning Department of any anticipated changes, and post the new hours online and at their establishment.

“Our planning department and police department will be monitoring any community impacts of the extended hours, as well as calls to our police department regarding late night activity,” the release said. “Additionally, we would like to thank our residents and businesses for their input during this process.”

Manitou Springs is home to Emerald Fields and Maggie’s Farm. Both dispensaries are licensed for recreational and medical cannabis sales.

Millennials and baby boomers agree on flower

From TikTok to walking uphill both ways to school, the generational divide between millennials and their older counterparts, the baby boomers, may be vast, but according to Marijuana Business Daily, the two generations should consider toking together. That’s because, when it comes to ingestion methods, both agree flower is best.

Flower was the most popular among consumption methods that included capsules, dabs, edibles, inhalables, tinctures, topicals, vaporizers and an “other” category. Fifty percent of millennials surveyed said they preferred flower, compared to 39 percent of baby boomers. Dabs and topicals were the least popular methods of ingestion for both generations, with under 2 percent each for both age groups.

Marijuana Business Daily (, attributes the penchant for flower to three things: familiarity, economics and accessibility.

Smoking cannabis one way or another is probably the image that comes to most people’s minds when they think of marijuana consumption.

[pullquote-1-center] i “Inhaled forms, such as joints or pipes, historically have been the most identifiable way to consume cannabis,” the site says, adding, “Flower tends to be the least expensive form of marijuana product, likely driving up its popularity among consumers and accounting for the even higher popularity among younger consumers who might have less disposable income.”

As for accessibility, pretty much every legitimate dispensary will have flower available.

Also notable, the online publication says both generations have increased their marijuana spending during the COVID-19 pandemic. The national monthly spending average was $76 before the outbreak and that spending has increased by $27 per month.

Gen X, like a middle child, was not included in the study.