Mind Sweeper

Mind Sweeper

Cannabicare is on the east side of the Springs, just off Highway 24 and Meadowbrook Parkway, tucked back into what feels like an industrial complex. Had I not stumbled across their menu online whilst scouting the Springs’ green scene, I might not have found this little gem.

When I stepped inside, I did not expect a beautiful boutique of buddery — Cannabicare has a large open showroom and all the canna goods the heads are craving. The dispensary has a nice selection of concentrates and edibles to back up their fine floral choices, but flower was my focus on this mission.

Like a lot of dispos in the area, Cannabicare offers first-time shoppers member pricing on their first three visits, so you needn’t feel obligated to go all in on your first trip. You can try out different products and get to know what they carry over those visits.

I had my heart set on the Mind Sweeper I saw on their menu as it’s not a strain I was at all familiar with. That worked out nicely because the Sweeper was one of the strains from their own grow (which is how I like to get to know a dispo ­— through their own gardened greenery and not the wholesale stock drawn from outside spots).

Cannabicare’s menu didn’t offer much insight into the Sweeper’s pedigree, and unfortunately the budtender wasn’t able to offer any notes there either. But I did manage to find a grower online who cultivates a strain called Mind Sweeper who indicated it was derived from Kimbo Kush crossed with a bit of Darkside of the Moon. So that is perhaps the same lineage these buds in the Springs hail from. 

Cannabicare’s Mind Sweeper is an Indica that hits just upwards of 24 percent THC. This strain had thick, dense buds that leave the fingers a bit sticky due to all the crystally trichome coverage. 

 Mind Sweeper hit me with its sweet and spicy aroma — bordering on sour. The scent was so strong I was able to pick up on these terpene notes in the shop through my mask. As for taste: It doesn’t come on as aggressively. The Mind Sweeper has a much more woodsy (more cedar than pine) and spicy flavor, with a bit of that Kushy sweetness on the finish — almost berry-like. But the spiciness is what really stands out. I’m a sucker for a palate-pleaser and had this flower had more depth of flavor beyond the spice, I totally would have given it a 10. However, the flavor was more subtle than I would have preferred, so I felt a 9 was just a bit more accurate a rating. 

The buzz sweeps through the mind leaving a super chill and cloudy high in its wake. Cannabicare’s Mind Sweeper had me laying in a green haze as the ’juana flooded my senses. It was like a snuggly floral hoodie that fits just right (like it was out of the Three Bears’ closet — and I was Goldilocks). Furthermore, the Sweeper buzz is blissful and inspires creativity, truly transporting me to that hippie-esque place within where peace and love are the only tenets that matter. 

I found this strain to be as smooth and mellow as the music of The Mind Sweepers and their rhythmic track “Threesome,” which got paired with the pipe on this afternoon as I partook in Cannabicare’s Kushy offerings. One other thing to note:  Mind Sweeper is a totally munchie-inducing strain that will have you chowing down, so be sure to have plenty of snacks at the ready. 

I definitely recommend heading east to hit up Cannabicare if you’re in the mood for a strain you won’t find anywhere else in town. Yep, that Mind Sweeper is an easy recommendation to pass on!