As the Fat Boys sing, “Pump that music loud tonight!” I got a dope review that I just had to write! “The energy’s growing, ’cause I’m top billing,” and Fatso is killing, “cold chilling!” That’s right, folx, I’m “coming back hard again” with some primo flower called Fatso, and The Fat Boys are blaring through the speakers to blast off my 2021 roster of reviews!

Last time I ventured downtown scoping dope spots for copping cannabis, The Chronic Boutique caught my eye. I was already set on a different locale that day, so I made a mental note to return soon. As the New Year approached, so too did the opportunity to check this spot off the ol’ bud stop bucket list and look into their herbal offerings. 

The online menu looked enticing. Immediately, I focused on Fatso, seeing from the deets listed that it fit my tastes nicely. Upon arriving at said Boutique, I also saw that Fatso lived on the dispensary’s “Platinum” shelf (the best of the best), which pretty much cemented the fact that the Fat was the awesome I was looking for. Branching off of the famed GMO Cookies strain, further rooted in some Legend OG, this bit of Barney (li’l slang for the bud) was going to be legend — wait for it — dary! With COVID-19 precautions still shaping the retail experience, the entire transaction took place behind a pane of glass. The budtender brought some selections to the window based on my preferences while I remained in the spacious lobby. Luckily I came in ready, with one or two strains already on my radar for a closer look, so things moved along quickly.

Fatso most definitely lives up to its online profile — absolutely no catfishing here. The dense frosty nugs are dreamily coated in plenty of trichomes that shine between the red hairs of a bountiful mane that covers the buds. The bouquet is sweet cheesiness, bringing out that diesely Bubba Kush aroma (and flavor) without any sense of shyness. 

Those gassy notes land on the palate at the front, with a sweet, almost citrusy cocoa finish bringing up the rear, rounding out the flavor profile nicely. But if the flavor and fragrant nature of the nuggage wasn’t enough to make me a fan, then I needed only to sit a short spell, the smoke making its way through my system, to win me over. Call me a fanboy of this phat flower, because I am here for the Fatso and The Chronic Boutique.


Taking tokes off a fatty of the Fatso brought in a totally relaxed, heady high that put me on that cool vibe train to Chillsville. Like Goldilocks reviewing the amenities at the bears’ makeshift bed and breakfast, it didn’t hit too hard, nor too light, but just right.

This Indica proved to be the real deal from the jump, one that really knows how to throw its weight around. So I pulled out a hip-hop classic track to pair with it, from the original Fat Boys themselves, “Coming Back Hard Again.” That groundbreaking trio’s signature style, mixed with ’80s wild guitar riffs amplified this fire flower like a fine merlot with chocolate, bringing an otherwise energetic aura to a heavy high.