Durban Poison

I was recently thinking about my favorite strains, and took a wondrous journey down a flower-laced rabbit hole, scouring Springs dispensary menu screens for an old tasty favorite: Durban Poison. I know what you’re thinking. “But Rob, I thought you were an Indica imbiber, what’s with this Sativa screed, bro?” And you would be absolutely correct.

As a rule, I do put the “I” in Indica. But never forget there is a rule that supersedes all others in the ganja game, and that is the Golden Rule of Strain Supremacy over Species Variation and Preference that was ages ago inscribed in the Bible of Budsmoking. “If the strain is crowned, then smoke it down. No matter where it’s spectrum bound!”

And in my book, the reigning queen of my taste buds — and one of the best flavors that I have had the pleasure to enjoy — is Durban Poison.

For all those who know the tantalizing richness and uniqueness of this strain’s flavor profile, you know that the Poison does not play, and so its reign should come as no surprise. It brings that sharp melon sweetness, buried deep in both the taste and bouquet, from top chords down. The taste persists throughout the bowl as it burns, not just strongly striking the senses in the first several hits and then disappearing as you fire on through.

Of late, whenever I have come across a spot with this strain in stock, it has been less than stellar, and extremely lacking in that telltale potent Poison profile this strain is so well known for. But that all changed recently, thanks to WTJ MMJ Supply. Oh my, are they stocking their shelves well. When I saw that their Durban was testing upwards of 33 percent THC, I headed over Academy way. It was an easy shop to overlook, tucked away in a strip mall blocked by other buildings, but it was so worth the effort to track them down. With a friendly staff, plenty of COVID precautions in place, and an adorable shop pupper to boot, it was good vibes from door to drawer.

They had great deals going, and I was quickly on my way with a quarter of shiny, sticky buds — on the fluffier side, but coated in ’chomes and ripe with dankness. The flower clung to my fingertips as I packed it into the bowl, ready to put that icky in the air. 

Durban Poison Breakdown

I could smell that dreamy Durban scent as soon as the pouch was unsealed. I had once again found a Poison that promised to live up to the name. Like the song “Own Your Throne” by BOITY, this strain sang out, “Allow me to reintroduce myself, I am a queen!” 

Long may she reign!

It had the characteristic flavors of the perfect Poison, and was so potent that it came crashing in with a super energetic and creativity-charged buzz that had me bouncing between — and completing — multiple creative projects for the day with ease and an abundance of whimsy and flavor of my own.