I was scouring the various options that make up the Springs’ green scene, looking for some new fire to review, when I found myself drawn, like a moth to flame, to Fire Meds. It’s a dispensary I’ve heard of before, but never have I visited. So, I took the name as a sign from the universe (it’s always nice finding you and Uni are on the same page) and headed out to see what wonders awaited. 

The dispensary wasn’t hidden, but I was a little confused as to its exact location. I’m somewhat familiar with the area and its clusters of shops, but I hadn’t seen this dispensary while in the neighborhood before.


Located just off Circle Drive, south of Palmer Park Boulevard, this cozy shop shares building space, so it’s easy to see why I’ve missed it, as the signage blends with the colors of the building and can easily be overlooked in passing. But this time I was on the lookout. I had called ahead to inquire about on-site ATM access and credit and debit card purchases, and was given the heads-up that I needed to grab some cash before arriving (a heads-up I thought I would pass along to the fine flower fans here). The staff was friendly and knowledgeable to boot, so things were going great, but they got even better as I was given the tour of the herb selection. Their latest harvest was still a couple days from hitting the shelves, so they only had a few strains on hand, but they were all impressive and enticing. 

Being a bit of a pushover for a Kush grower, my focus was quickly set on the Jedi Kush, representing their Indica side of things with searing potency. Fire Meds indeed. Jedi is born of San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFV OG Kush) crossed with Death Star. The buds look fluffy and light, but they’re actually fairly solid and packed tight like the densest of nugs. This Kush has lemon-rind aroma that mixes with rose notes. When fired, a sweet, almost nutty flavor leads and finishes with floral flavors on intake. But the flavor turns gassy, the spiciness of the Kush burning on exhale. It’s an amazingly balanced and well-rounded flavor profile.

I found some Black Eyed Peas (collabing with members of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul) on “All Around the World,” and let the Jedi play its mind tricks. This strain doesn’t waste any time. The effects of the Jedi come on in an instant and bring a welcome buzz that settles deep in my brain pan. It’s very relaxing and euphoric, but it is also most definitely a heavy Indica that steals the pep from your step. It’s not a strain that lends itself to focusing and getting things done. This herb hits like a lightsaber, leading me to be scatterbrained, but I was vibing and cheesing from ear to ear the whole time. Like Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad says, “I’m on that Jedi, I’m in that ziggy, ziggy zone.”

The Jedi Kush had me sinking into the heavy beats pumping through my headphones as I struggled to focus so I could write this review. I was determined but decided it might be best if I resumed at a later date and from a different state of mind. The next morning, I packed another round of the Jedi and this time found more focus and flow in the floral arrangement, though it still hit every bit as hard as the first time we vibed. I would definitely recommend Fire Meds and the Jedi Kush; you should certainly “come vibe with us,” as the mashed-up Tribe Called De La Peas invite.