I’ve never once seen a Punch and Judy show where Punch loses. You put him up against a police officer, the Grim Reaper or even the Devil himself... Punch always finds a way to stick-slap his opponent into submission! I wish I had his luck. My luck, on the other hand, has not been on par with Punch’s of late. So, I figured I’d fight the bad-luck blues and try out a new dispensary — you know, treat myself. Alas, things were not meant to change for the better. Oh, to be Punch...

It’s been years since I visited Frost Harvest Co. It looks as though time has not been a fair mistress. My last visit at this dispensary, things were better; I felt less frosty. But this time, I was not as fortunate; I had to fumble through this transaction as it seemed I knew more about the newest regulations — like the sales limit of concentrates to 8 grams a day or 4 grams of concentrate and an ounce of flower ­— than the budtender serving me.

Although I hit my legal sales limit every time under these new draconian rules, this manager needed me to explain the rules to him so the sale could proceed — he thought I was only allowed to purchase 4 grams of hash and nothing else; I had to remind him I’d still be able to procure some flower under the new law. I was dismayed at his lack of knowledge but I schooled him on the new regulations so I could speed on out and enjoy my new Frost Harvest Co. products. At least there was one thing my budtender did that made me smile... he called the good medicine “tea” — a reference I haven’t heard since the beatniks!  

I wish I could say my goodie bag salved the headache caused by the abysmal service at Frost Harvest but it did little to cure my aching head. I found that most of the goodies in my bag fell short of my expectations and the flower and hash were both poor solutions for easing my aching cranium... But, luckily I did find something that was worth the hassle — Punch Breath Champagne Budder from White Mousse Concentrates. This was one of the only things in my bag that didn’t taste old — you know, like overdue library books.

Punch Breath is a hybrid marijuana strain, a cross between the Indica hybrid Mendo Breath and the Indica Purple Punch. I’ve written about “Champagne” concentrate in previous pieces, such as my September Indy review of the dispensary Zipz. I also wrote about the greatness of Champagne hash in my piece on Lilac Apple Champagne Shatter from Briargate Wellness Center in January of 2021. The main benefit of this type of concentrate is its focus on terpenes/flavonoids, that unforgettable and unmistakable tasty pang of hash — AKA THE FLAVOR! 

CannaBrekaout 2/16

This one shined through and the stank  reminded me of Eggo Waffles batter mixed with a whole lot of different berries. The Punch stained my tongue and continued to deliver its berry vibe along with notes of blueberry maple syrup, finishing like it smells — with a crescendo of waffle batter wrapping my tongue. You’d think all these breakfast-y delights would bring on the munchies, but this strain lacked that hunger kick — and I was deprived of a strong body high; although I’d be the first to recommend Punch Breath to knock the wind out of your sails and help you get some sleep.

I hate to say it, but I felt like a puppet on the receiving end of Punch’s stick after a visit to this dispensary. However, they finally shined through with their Punch Breath Champagne Budder. Check some out today so you don’t miss the punchline.