Well, dearest readers, it happened... as it happens to a lot of fledgling businesses. The CBD startup that employed me has sadly sunk. I have heard statistics that startups have a failure rate as high as 90 percent, so it was no surprise.

Luckily, I was able to hop right back into the marijuana industry. Almost all Colorado outdoor grows harvest in late September to early October, so I was very grateful to find a gig helping out a Pueblo cannabis company with their outdoor harvest.

You, as readers, will benefit from my commute as I’ve decided to check out some of the recreational dispensaries in Pueblo... so everybody can get the weed deets on our neighbor to the south! The closest rec shops to Colorado Springs are in Manitou Springs, but I thought I’d try Pueblo since most heads familiar with the Indy have probably tried Manitou’s offerings.

And Pueblo is closer for many in El Paso County as compared to commuting to Denver (and there’s less traffic!). That said, I thought the perfect place to start would be the Indy’s Best Of finalist for New Dispensary... Cookies.

I ambled into the acclaimed Cookies thinking about all the hype surrounding the brand. I didn’t want to get too distracted, but these Cookies have clout and are highly regarded and recommended. Cookies is an international brand with locations as far away as Puerto Rico and Tel Aviv and all over California and even on the strip in Las Vegas.

Their name derives from their owner inventing the massively popular Girl Scout Cookies strain. I tried my best to put all the razzmatazz out of my mind and review them as I would anyone else.

As fortune would have it, it was all bueno, from their cerulean neon Cookies sign in the front waiting room to the open floor plan dotted with flower stations. They had a waiting room maître d’ to check me in, and in the adjacent room there were two budtenders with two ATMS/cash registers for ultra convenience. The budtender patiently took her time to make sure I was pleased with my purchases.


And I’m here to tell you: Everything... Was.... DANK! Flower and hash were all top-shelf, but I was especially drawn to their Lemonnade Yellow Fruit Stripes Live Sugar extracted by Harmony Extracts. Lemonnade is the sister brand to Cookies. Yellow Fruit Stripes is a cross between their Lemonchello 10 and London Pound Cake 97 strains. With the new job, I’ve been doing OT so I needed all the help I could get, although the high was much smoother than the raciness usually associated with Sativas.

YFS smells just like Fruit Stripe chewing gum with notes of pomelos and Meyer lemons. It tastes just like Juicy Fruit or Chiclets chewing gum. I was very nervous starting the new job and YFS was a lifesaver! This strain is perfect for people who’ve had bad experiences with Sativas and need something that won’t cause paranoia. It helped with my new-job anxiety and the plain sailing high was just what the doctor ordered. A side of munchies didn’t hurt either. Terpene lab data suggests the strain has a higher level of beta-myrcene, which would explain the chill vibes.

Berner, one of Cookies’ owners, is a musician and I decided to put on his song “Weed Man” as I relaxed into my stone. I’m sad that the marijuana industry has been victimized by the corporatocracy that pervades modern America (I prefer the style of bohemians and artisans).

But if Cookies is going to be a part of it, I’m not too distraught. Berner, quoted in Forbes, puts it succinctly, “Making money is cool [but] my main objective is to put quality cannabis everywhere I can before my time comes, so that consumers in legal markets get the herb they deserve....” Get some YFS Live Sugar and find new horizons of your own. 

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