Hennessy OG can make you feel OK

I’m trying not to talk too much about the stupid naming conventions of weed these days, because they are bullshit. Not only are the names often stupid but in many cases they are misleading. It’s like the Wild West of secret codes in the illegal weed days overlapped with the awful obsession with “branding” in our contemporary age to create a nomenclature of confusion. Hennessy OG is one of those names that seems super cynical, intended to evoke the countless rap songs that name check the cognac, capturing both a sense of street and a sense of luxury at once. And, most certainly, it was named by white people.

Still, names matter. Back in 2011, when an alleged drug dealer with the street name of Jay Cash was on trial in New York, a detective testified that the word “yak” as heard on a wiretap meant crack. Cash’s lawyer testified that “yak” was in fact short for cognac. It didn’t work and Cash was sentenced 20 to life. But how do you ask a jury to interpret such fine points of language?

[pullquote-1] To be clear, this is cannabis and not cognac. Anyway, I was thinking about all of this and was really just set to savage this weed because it seemed cynical. I’d had it for a long time and had avoided smoking it, waiting for a time when I just felt angry and frustrated and fucked. Well, now is that time. We all feel that way — how is it that when a small number of white dudes with guns demand the right to endanger everyone, we’re all like “cool, we’ll change the entire national conversation and let all our grandmas die painful deaths for you,” but when people demand cops stop killing black people they are thrown down, maced, arrested and shot, or when millions march against the invasion of Iraq, it is ignored? And so I was gonna try to rail on this stupid weed with its stupid name. Then I smoked some of the flowers, which do have a sweet, brandy-like smell that gets almost scotchy, with a bit of gasoline thrown in, when vaporized or burnt.

And then I wasn’t quite as pissed and I forgot a moment about the name and its implications and about all of the terrible, disastrous decisions we are making right now and all of the people dying and our horrendous, morally vacant and deranged leader and I sat and looked out the window. I was present. I was in my body and not wildly projecting into the future. This isn’t a good thing to have all the time; we can’t afford to be anesthetized. And on subsequent smokings I didn’t forget quite as much and once even got freaked the fuck out after smoking it with an edible, sweating and thinking I would die, yet again. But for this moment on the first toke, sitting, the sun coming in, I felt OK and that was worth a hell of a lot. It was a good uplifting but relaxing buzz. And while Hennessy OG is not the perfect strain in that regard, it has set me looking for it. I’ve realized that to me that’s the holy grail — how do you have a fully cannabis sensation, uplift and chill all at once? It is what I need.

Strength: 6
Nose: Cognac, piss, gasoline
Euphoria: 8
Existential Dread: 6
Freaking Out When A Crazy Person Approaches You: One day, when this is all done, joy, fucking joy
Drink Pairing: Duh
Music Pairing: “Hennessy” by Tupac Shakur
Rating: 7