Hypnotik helps you process the day

I sat down to try Hypnotik — a strain I purchased from The Green Solution in Pueblo — after a super long workday that was full of what seemed like endless technology woes. My brain hurt, and I was in desperate need of some relief. Without a doubt, an Indica was the right call.

I had picked up an ounce in prepackaged eighths a couple weeks ago, using some of my collected reward points, which made the out-the-door recreational price less than $80.

When I open up the plastic packaging, I get a whiff of pine. It’s a nice surprise, since dispensaries aren’t allowing customers to smell flower due to social distancing guidelines.

The nuggets are a little small, but I find that typical with prepackaged flower. There is still a nice frost of keef, as well as long red hairs. I break up a little bit to load up in my bong and find the flower has a nice stickiness to it, even though I bought it in early May. (Tip: Store extra buds in the freezer for freshness.)

The first big hit seems to instantly wash away most of the tension from the day. I’m greeted with a taste that matches the smell: citrusy and earthy at the same time.

After a few more hits, I start leaning back farther and farther in my chair. Fresh spring leaves on the Aspen trees dancing in the wind in my backyard catch my eye through the window, and I start to hear what sounds like a thunderstorm in the background.

[pullquote-1] It’s hard to think of anything better than sitting back and getting high off an Indica to the sound of thunder and the sight of a stunning lightning show.

If I have a gripe about Hypnotik, it’s that the first bowl seemed to burn quickly, but that also could have been a result of me really needing to get high. Nonetheless, I quickly load a second bowl as soon as I finish the first, and now I need the perfect song to go with it.

I recently discovered an Atlanta-based band named Manchester Orchestra and their song “The Silence.” It’s during that song that the effects of Hypnotik really start to hit. The second bowl seems to last longer, which is a sure sign I’m stoned.

On a day when everything at work was extra stressful, and the gloomy feeling that seems to come and go during this pandemic was hitting a little harder, this strain made it all seem less bad. Hypnotik will send you into deep thoughts that help you process the day and start getting ready for the next.

It’s like Snoop Dogg told Esquire magazine back in 2008, you should smoke cannabis because it makes you feel the way you need to feel. In my book, Hypnotik is a pretty nice Indica that did exactly that.

It’s a perfect strain for taking the edge off during COVID-19 life. That’s coming from an extrovert who needs all the help she can get to calm down the inner networker in her, dying from the lack of human interaction.

I keep loading bowls of Hypnotik throughout the night, until it helps me drift off into a relaxing sleep.

Dispensary: The Green Solution, tgscolorado.com
Type: Indica
THC: 22.12%
Smell: Pine
Taste: Earth and citrus
Munchies: Not really
Song: “The Silent” by Manchester Orchestra