To get in the spirit of Halloween, I usually watch some old Betty Boop cartoons. I find the films with Cab Calloway to be especially primo with their trippy aesthetic, like the one where he sings “St. James Infirmary Blues.” The animation was innovative for its time, using rotoscoping, which traces every frame of a film. Purportedly, after watching the animated version of himself busting some moves, Calloway fell on the floor in a fit of hysterical laughter.

Well, I’m feeling the need to get so baked I laugh like that, so I head to the Corner Co.

The dispensary sits in a square white building on a corner of Colorado Avenue near the base of downtown, so the name is fitting. The barbed wire on top of the fence is a bit off-putting, but the warm budtenders and gastronomic flower offset it. My belief is the barbed wire is just guarding the gourmet goodness awaiting the ganja gourmand within.

Sugar Wax Breakdown

The chalkboard with a faithful Rick and Morty sketch is just one example of the charm of this cozy nook. You don’t have to be a cannabis cognoscente to see this dispensary is centered on patient care and cheap connoisseur-grade chronic. In short, the Corner Co. cranks up this cool cat’s chi and it’ll do the same for any other pothead.

It’s there that I find some Ice Cream Cake sugar wax and head home to fire up a muggle (apparently a name for a doobie, even pre-Harry Potter). I puff that magic dragon and my thoughts drift off. 

As my cottage hot-boxes on this chilly autumn evening, the numbing and analgesic character of this charas (a hashish made from the resin of a cannabis plant) smacks me right off the bat.

The smell when opening the jar doesn’t bite me that hard because it has a polite and clean, earthy smell with a pale buttery fragrance. And the white sugar wax has almost a cheesy vanilla flavor with notes of sweet cream, malted milk and walnuts. The overall style of the light crumble is velvety; and this batch not only tastes creamy but makes you feel silky and luxurious. 

It reminds me very much of strains like Herijuana or Cookies and Cream, but with a Vanilla Kush savoriness. This dizzyingly strong BHO (butane hash oil) will give you a knockout and make you drop with a serious case of couch-lock. Ice Cream Cake’s parent strains are allegedly Wedding Cake (AKA Pink Cookies) and Gelato #33, although the Wedding Cake’s expression shines much brighter in this concentrate. This Indica-dominant hybrid’s terpenes typically test with higher levels of limonene, linalool and beta-caryophyllene. 

It’s hard not to adore this strain for its coppery red hairs, curling calyxes and purple marbling.

Ashing the last of my jive stick into the tray, I think back to how my writing mentor James Fogle died in 2012. A quote from his novel Drugstore Cowboy comes to mind: “You’re slipperier than an eel... No one ever catches you off balance because you stay off balance constantly, just to stay on your feet.” 

These are strange days, but the Ice Cream Cake sugar wax may shove you off balance enough — in a constructive way — to face them.

Have a spooktacular Halloween.