After two hits of Koffee Crunch, I’m feeling high as a kite.

The Dispo sits off Highway 50 near a few other dispensaries I’ve checked out before, but none of them have ever impressed me enough to drive all the way back for a revisit. But my hairdresser tells me this place has the best concentrates in Colorado.

From outside, the dispensary seems to be fairly large, but once in the back where you’re greeted by the budtenders, it’s uncomfortably tight, especially during COVID-19 times. 

Still, I make my way over to two glass cases where the house brand Apex Extracts concentrates are displayed. 

My budtender recommends a few options, but when they show me Koffee Crunch, I’m instantly sold because of how beautiful the cured sauce looks. Its color is a nice golden yellow that seems to sparkle when it catches light. 

And when I’m back at home opening it up to smoke it, I get a nice whiff of its piney smell. 

Koffee Crunch breakout box

The first hit of the concentrate sends me into a coughing fit. After only two hits of Koffee Crunch, I’m feeling high as a kite. That means it’s time to find some music. The first song that comes to mind is “Wild Things” by Heavy Diamond Ring. 

I got to experience this band for the first time at last year’s MeadowGrass Music Festival, and according to a Sept. 1 post on their Facebook page, they are playing at Lulu’s Downstairs’ new outdoor atrium on Sept. 12. I can’t wait.

I’ve missed live music the last few months and am happy to see small concerts starting back up. 

Anyways, with the folk music now playing through my headphones at what is probably an unsafe volume, I take a few more hits of Koffee Crunch and the concentrate starts to make me feel more optimistic — happier about life at the moment, which is impressive considering the state of the world and the stress I’ve been feeling after launching two new websites at work last week. 

My head and body are starting to tingle as the effects of the sauce really hit. I’m definitely feeling both a head and body high. I love when strains have that effect on me. 

I get up to grab a cup of coffee, wishing I had some Cap’n Crunch cereal to eat — in honor of the strain’s name. 

Koffee Crunch definitely seemed to be worth the drive to Pueblo West. I’ve actually been back to The Dispo a few more times since buying and trying this sauce, and I’ve never been disappointed with my purchases. 

I highly recommend checking them out the next time you head to Lake Pueblo State Park or Cañon City. 

Or, if you’re a Texas transplant like me who doesn’t mind driving, make an excuse to go sooner, because my hairdresser was right — they really do have some of the best concentrates I’ve ever tried.

Digital Director

Jessica Kuhn is an Army veteran and award-winning journalist. She works as a digital ninja for Colorado Publishing House, including managing its websites and social media channels. The native Texan moved to Colorado in 2017 and joined the company in 2018.