Mandarin Sunset

My favorite strains are Indicas, so when I stopped in at The Cannabis Depot recently and my budtender recommended a strain that won gold in the Indica category at the 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup, I happily picked up an ounce. 

As soon as I get home, I find my bong and start prepping some Mandarin Sunset. The flower is magnificent; I can tell that as soon I open the plastic container it comes in, and I’m greeted by the strong, sweet and tangy smell of grapefruit.

The buds are beautiful — big and dense. They all have long, pretty red hairs.

Mandarin Sunset breakdown

Picking out the best-looking nug, I start to break it up. The flower is nice and sticky icky, as we stoners like to say. 

I have a hard time containing my excitement — all signs indicate it’s going to be an amazing strain. So, after what seems like forever, I finally have some Mandarin Sunset loaded into my favorite piece and  I take a hit. 

It tastes sweet and hits real smooth. No coughing, but I start to feel the effects of the flower within seconds. 

I take a few more rips and set down my bong because I need to write this review — but I’m in trouble. The strain’s strong smell should have been my warning to take it easy — but I’m a pothead and ignored the signs. 

The strain is so magnificent it’s hard to imagine taking just a hit or two. It makes you want to keep smoking and smoking — but instead of giving you energy, it makes you want to plant on the couch and binge Netflix.

Thirsty and high, I grab an energy drink before sitting back down to write. 

I start/stall by looking for some musical inspiration. My favorite artist lately has been Tech N9ne, particularly the recently dropped song featuring him and Rittz called “Picture Perfect.”

As I try to focus on the music and write, it becomes clear the strain gives you more of a head than body high — though, my head is so high I’m not sure I can feel my body anymore. It’s definitely a strong strain you smoke before bed or when you’re ready to sit and watch hours of your favorite show of the moment. (Mine is The Boys on Amazon Prime.) 

Mandarin Sunset is worthy of its Cannabis Cup win and I know I’ll enjoy smoking the ounce I picked up. I will definitely be buying more — if I can find any. 

This is a strain I highly recommend trying if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon it. But I have a feeling it won’t last long. 

Digital Director

Jessica Kuhn is an Army veteran and award-winning journalist. She works as a digital ninja for Colorado Publishing House, including managing its websites and social media channels. The native Texan moved to Colorado in 2017 and joined the company in 2018.