Poison Mimosa Resin


When today’s folk trot down nostalgia lane years from now and think back to the vibe of 2020, a Richard Brautigan quote might fill their minds: “I drank coffee and read old books and waited for the year to end.” For this writer, the quote fits well … except substitute some kiefy kolas for the coffee. 

Poison Mimosa Ultra-Refined Live Resin will send you sky-high

Between the seemingly unceasing pandemic and all the other terror on Terra, I have visions of being a Mimosa pudica (known as the touch-me-not plant). The slightest tap or disturbance makes me want to curl up and hide! So when I can find some reefer or some live sauce that makes me fly away from the fray like Falkor, it really deserves a mention. The Poison Mimosa Live Resin from Good Weed, extracted by Oil Well Industries, was the find that made me go from the withering and shy shameplant to having fantasies of soaring like the luckdragon.

I knew Good Weed had great grass the minute the door opened. The décor and feng shui of this joint was warm and welcoming, but gemstones and minimalist art were hard to pay attention to with the aroma of masterfully grown MMJ pleasantly overwhelming me. The only thing that got me out of there was my eagerness to get home and try the treat awaiting me. 

All drugs are poisons in the sense that they poison an enzyme or other biomolecule. They all mess with normal cellular processes in one way or another. Poison Mimosa sure lived up to its name... in the best way possible. 

The strain is a combination of Durban Poison and Mimosa, but the Durban shines especially bright in this concentrate. Durban Poison traces its genetics to African landrace Sativa strains, and this concentrate definitely stays true to these roots and even surpasses them to show us why strains like Acapulco Gold and Panama Red are still so beloved even after all these years. 

Poison Mimosa pushes me into an energetic, playful and hyperactive state that is thoroughly enjoyable for anyone looking for a Sativa-strong hybrid that’s ready to punch you into your day. This saucy and THC-crystalline live resin produces an intoxication similar to a sugar high. The stimulant-like euphoria carried me through a Monday on little sleep and even gave me an uncharacteristic puckish and pixyish aura. It has a sharp fragrance that stinks almost like crushed-up citric acid, but it follows up with slight undertones of cotton candy and cookie dough. The smell reminds me of a candy shop on a hot and humid day in all its sour and wondrous glory. 

The terpene profile is  hard to pin down, though. Durban Poison and Mimosa are known to have myrcene and limonene, but this specific extraction is all over the place with its terps. Some sniffs I get terpinolene and other whiffs smell like pinene. Whatever the case, as I look down at this golden and sugary oil glittering in the sun, it makes my neck literally twitch with glee. 

These are bizarre times that make it hard to indulge in my favorite activity: daydreaming. But this ultra-refined live resin brought me back to those phantasms and phantasy. Another Richard Brautigan quote brings me to a higher peak: “All of us have a place in history. Mine is clouds.”

Meet me in the clouds once you get sky-high off this resin.