Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, like that lovable old ’80s sitcom Cheers — barfly Norm would descend into the iconic Boston watering hole, the entire bar calling out his name to greet him. Unbeknownst to me, The Herb Shoppe (my former Westside caregiver for years before I relocated across town), had a similar reception awaiting me as I walked through their stylishly redesigned digs. It had been more than a year since I had darkened their doorway, but there was still a familiar face behind the counter to check me in, and they even remembered my name, calling it out in surprise as I approached (now only seeing half my face as most of it was covered with a mask, so kudos to them for that).

The Shoppe’s interior design has changed, but it isn’t the only thing to get a redo since last I walked this way. Their flower is on a new tiered pricing schedule, and I split the difference on the shelves and aimed for the middle one. Unfortunately, the strains on this shelf were not from the Herb Shoppe’s own grow, but a potent bit of IION wholesale that hadn’t even made it to their Weedmaps menu yet. Its solidly compressed and crystal-frosted buds really impressed the budtender, so this nuggage, Sundae Sunset, came highly recommended. Though I had not had the pleasure myself, this was promising to be an exciting new experience, if the shelf appeal was any indicator of things to come. Sundae Sunset is parented by Sundae Driver and Sunset Sherbet (of the Girl Scout Cookies Sherbets — some true south Florida OGs in this flower’s family line).

The Sunset has quite a pungent bouquet, with a candied lemon finish to it that brings lemon snap cookies to mind as the scent surges into the air. Though it does get spicier the deeper you dive into the bowl and burn through the flavor profile, it starts off with quite delicate notes of sweetness that harken back to the familiar flavors of the Girl Scout Cookies it hails from. However, the flavors don’t end there; the profile fills out with an herby flourish that adds a bit of balance along the palate. An Indica that was testing out at a whopping 34 percent, the Sunset was not playing around. And once it met the fire, it was absolutely on — very much like Donkey Kong. 


I turned to some classic tunes to join me on this journey, and just pushed play on Eve 6’s “Sunset Strip Bitch.” Like the track cried out, “I’m ready to go” — and go I went! 

That Indica lean sets in soon after the smoke makes first contact, and you feel that weighted headchange start to form quickly, letting you know at the jump that this Indica is gonna hit hard. Speaking of the lean, the strain totally leans into the sunset aspect of its name by having a heavy, sleepy, couchlock-like effect that can easily make you lose track of your day, suddenly realizing it is after dark and you are stoned. The Sundae packs a euphoric, heady punch that both delights and numbs the senses in equal measure, but only when it starts off. As you navigate into it further, the buzz definitely gets a bit lighter — and much more giggly. Yes, laughter comes easily ’neath this sunset, that’s for sure. 

Eve 6’s vocal reassurances echoed in my ears as I fired this fine flower once more: “My horoscope today, said things would go my way!” He was not wrong, this definitely went my way.