I know you tryin’ to get high.” As was I, so I pulled up the and this dope spot by the name of Fountain Organics caught my eye. It was on the northern end of the Powers Boulevard corridor, and I had seen them a time or two in passing, always making a less-than-sticky mental note to check them out later.

I finally found myself on the doorstep of the large, natural stone building that houses this boutique buddery. The check-in area is fairly small, but it’s stylish and earthy, somewhat underplaying the poshness that awaits in the expansive, swanky sinsemilla showroom the budtender led me to after I was in the system.

Their tri-tiered pricing scale is arranged by flower quality (from $100 an ounce to $200 for the top shelf), and they have an extensive range of concentrates, edibles, gear and swag. There was a large wall of TV screens all displaying a single image in unison, no strain info or practical application at play beyond aesthetics, further highlighting the boutique nature of the place.

“You want the bomb, bomb biggy?” queried the budtender in my head, as I’d already eyed a strain on their menu that was making me hear Dr. Dre’s cannabis classic track “Kush,” drowning out their in-house music. So I said, “Yes, an eighth of the Kush Mints, please,” focusing on their toppest of shelves for that premium introductory experience.


Kush Mints is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain — the genetic result of crossing Bubba Kush and Animal Mints — that Fountain had testing out a very potent 32 percent THC. This minty and gassy flower rolls out a robust bouquet, one that’s both herbaceous and sweet with notes of citrus in the top chords that really pop with a freshness as the smell takes the senses for a ride. It was officially the time of day to “roll up, wait a minute, let me put some Kush up in it!”

The palate play follows suit, strongly leaning on that kushy profile of flavors, both sweet and herby, bringing the taste of a spicy orange rind to mind. Speaking of leaning, and back to the track at hand, the Mints got me like Akon, definitely the “type of shit’ll have ya leaning sideways.” Real talk.

The entire eighth consisted of two thick frosty buds. We are talking extremely dense dope that packs solid, “tighter than the pants on Will.I.Am.” It also burns nice and slow as so dense a dope typically does, but be warned, “inhale slow... make yo’ ass choke” for sure. 

The floats kick in quickly, and after just a couple pulls on the pipe, I was getting that lifted feeling. It’s an exceedingly potent and relaxing high that easily adds a creative air to the day. Also, be prepared to munch because this kush will certainly stimulate the appetite and get you ready to grub. The Mints punches with the authority of a 32-percent tester and the confidence of a canna strain that commands a premium price.

Overall, my foray into Fountain Organics’ weedy wares was a very satisfying experience to add to the journal of this head’s journey through the Springs green scene, “High as a motherfucker, there ain’t no question ‘bout it.” So long as the Mints remain in stock, you will likely find me there again.