Grant Pharms MMC has long been on my radar as a must-visit dispensary in the Springs green scene to check out. Recently, I found the opportunity to duck in for some heady accessories to put under the microscope, so I figured it would make for a good review.

Scoping out the menu online, I saw several appealing-looking strains that were standouts, but one was calling my name unlike the rest (and not just because it was testing out at a potent 30.83 percent, far above the rest). So you can imagine my dismay when I saw it was listed as a “Members Only” bit of bud. With two Grant Pharms locations in the Springs, I headed to the one just off Boulder Street to chase my bliss, and not the Tinseltown locale —though they did let me know the menus are pretty much the same for both.

It was a stylish and fairly open showroom, with a live feed from their grow piped into the room to show it off to the customers. There’s a three-tiered pricing structure on flower (over 90 percent of which comes from the grow on the screen behind me) and I was stoked to learn that as a first-time visitor I would have access to the “Members Only” strains for the first three visits, and the name-caller I previously mentioned was back up for grabs! 


So I ordered up an eighth of the Guava Dawg, and dipped back to the crib to get my canna cap on tight. I could hear Ween’s Pure Guava kick-off track, “Little Birdy,” in my head: “I want to buy, make me fly. Get me high, so I can try, and then I try...”

Hailing from Stardawg and Afghani, this Indica-dominant hybrid shines among a shelf of fine floral offerings. The Dawg certainly has a fruity, tropical bouquet to it too — not shy at all about announcing its presence. A smell that was somewhat reminiscent of Fruit Stripe gum (for those readers whose timelines stretch far enough back to remember that oh-so-potent


Unlike the gum, these trichomey treats were holding on tight to the dense sweet guava goodness they bring to the palate, even as I burned through those initial first hits and deeper down into the bowl.

When that familiar fog floods in, and the high takes hold, there are absolutely no doubts that this has all the makings of an Indica. Rocking a 70/30 split on the hybrid spectrum, it makes perfect sense that the Dawg would represent and punch more with that potent heady high and less with the racy rush of the typical Sativa buzz. 

If the bouquet was tropical, then the high it delivers takes you to the tropics! It is a pleasant, almost comfortable high that flies you to the height of relaxation, and walks you down the beach to Chillsville for some downtime. It doesn’t weigh as heavy as some full Indicas, but it certainly is no slouch. The Dawg, it definitely brings it.

This fruity flora comes to the ganja game packing, and readily lands you at the realization that Grant Pharms takes pride in their grow — so much so that they offer the aforementioned level of transparency. The Guava is far and away some worthy green that more than made my day. 

And like a Little Birdy sang as the high set in, “And everything was so happy.”