My newest bud-motivated mission to find that next fat sack brought me to a local mom-and-pop shop I hadn’t noticed before. Tucked away in a small shopping center off Fillmore Street just east of Interstate 25, Levity Wellness is their name, and growing that fine, green fire is most certainly their game.

A quick online search of Levity’s menu sealed the deal and set me on my way that fateful day — the day I found my new favorite spot in the Springs. The impetus for my visit was a chat with my partner in canna critiques, Terr Thompson, whose recommendation put this spot on my radar. And I am ever so grateful. So much so that I had to pay it forward to you, dear reader. 

Levity’s exposed brick interior, coupled with the sense of style that flows from every corner of this dispo makes the place a stand out for comfort and coziness! It really has a welcoming vibe that makes you feel right at home.

Levity’s shelves are impressively stocked under a three-tiered pricing scale. But even their top-shelf flower is reasonably priced (even more so for first-time visitors, who receive member pricing). All of their flower is from their own grow, and most of their concentrates are batched from their own buds. Levity Wellness proves itself to be a little slice of canna-heaven right here on the Fillmore strip! 

I picked up a couple eighths, one from their Platinum shelf and one from their Gold, and I really had a hard time deciding what I should review as they both brought their A-games. In the end, I opted to cover the Lemon Cookies because, who doesn’t love a good Cookie strain? And because the Lemon is derived from the classic Girl Scout Cookies crossed with some of that Lemon Haze, this is certainly a cookie you’re going to want to taste test! I dropped in eleventyseven’s track Cookie for support, and put the Lemon through its paces!

Lemon Cookie’s dense, kiefy coated buds have the aroma of a spicy lemon tree, bright with blooms and freshly fruited. Seeing as how the limonene is the loudest terp in the bunch, it really stands out on the tastebuds as well. A deeply rooted bitter lemon rind flavor is prominent but backed by a smoky richness with an almost doughy flavor filling out the profile. The fire brings it all together. After burning deeper into the bowl, the lemon really begins to pop and stand out more and more.

This flower, like sweets baking in the oven, their flavors building in the heat, reacts the same. It’s an extremely relaxed Sativa — the Cookie’s not as racy and energetic as one would expect for a near 80/20 split down the hybrid scale on the Satty side. And it really settles lightly, easing you in, before it lays it all on you heavy and heady like a thundercloud. It truly feels like that creeper bud of yore, where the high just sorta sneaks up on ya and flattens you out. 

It’s been a minute since I had any of that sneaky little creeper in a crop, so this was a nice change — one that hit hella hard and sent me to that happy place all heads hope to find, that cloud nine comfort zone of max chillaxing. It does kick the appetite into high gear though, so prepare to punch your ticket to Munchietown because you will be arriving before your next bowl is packed.

I can’t say enough good things about this Cookie, and the fine folk at Levity Wellness, both scoring an absolute 10 in my book. Snappy, spicy and buzzy as a bee. Truly,  eleventyseven said it best “Nom, nom, me want a whole lotta cookie!” And you will too... so go get your hands caught in this cookie jar!