Trill OG #1 Gold perfect strain to wake up with
Trill OG #1 Gold perfect strain to wake up with
Trill OG #1 Gold perfect strain to wake up with
There isn’t much better in life than waking up to a nice bowl of cannabis and a cup of coffee. It’s hard for me to understand how anyone starts their morning (and functions) any other way.

I was reminded of how much I love this morning ritual when I visited LivWell in north Pueblo. 

My budtender there explains that LivWell offers a variety of third-party products as well as stuff from one of their facilities “somewhere in Denver.” 

I ask for her recommendation for one of the dispensary-grown flowers, and she asks me to follow her down the glass counter — now fashioned with a 3-foot-tall plastic shield for social distancing purposes.

We head to the more affordable options as she announces she’s an economical smoker. Me too. There, she points out a jar of an Indica named Trill OG #1 Gold, saying it’s her favorite thing to smoke in the morning, as it’s calming but doesn’t make you sleepy. 

I’m sold already, and ask for an eighth, thinking about how dispensaries are likely seeing more people opt for Indicas given how dreadful things are looking for our country at the moment. 

It’s a few days later when I go to try the strain and write this review. 

I open up the flower’s plastic container, and am a little underwhelmed by the size of the nugs. They are small and dense, but the strain does break up nice and sticky. 

Its smell and taste are both mild, but when I finally catch a more defining whiff, I can’t help but imagine I’m outside mowing the lawn. 

The taste, on the other hand, is sweet and reminds me of one of my favorite breakfast cereals, Fruity Pebbles. I would have to say it is definitely a reminder that looks (and even smell, with flower) can be deceiving.

I go grab a cup of coffee from a freshly brewed pot and take a few more hits off my bong. Ritual: complete.

My budtender didn’t disappoint with her recommendation. I feel a lot more ready to tackle the day than when I first woke up, still shaking off some of the tension from the work week. It’s 100 percent an example of why you should always ask and at least consider a budtender’s recommendation for whatever cannabis product you are going after (as long as they smoke themselves. Best not to buy what they’re pushing if they aren’t smokers). 

I can tell it’s a good strain because it burns nice and slow and I feel amazing after finishing a second bowl. 

While really starting to vibe off the mellow feeling, I find one of my favorite David Gray songs from his album Lost Songs, “Twilight,” and hit play. (I know we really can’t, but can we please have concerts back already? I really need him to play at Red Rocks Amphitheatre to deal with life in 2020.)

“Twilight” proves the perfect addition to my high. I woke up not really wanting to function or accomplish anything, but after smoking a few bowls I felt a lot more ready to rock it... also because of the coffee, of course.