I’ve been trying to work on eating healthier and in general living, well, better! Life’s too short and I’ve been trying to make sure mine is not too fleeting. Also, I’ve been working way too much overtime at my day job and have felt very tired and I’ve had very little free time.

For me to stay healthy and not get burned out, I knew this week I’d need to shop at a place that I’d know for sure would have my back with some exquisite endo and some connoisseur-level concentrate. This was a tall order, but I had the perfect place in mind to satisfy my herb and hash hankering: LivWell Enlightened Health.

LivWell currently has two medical marijuana locations in the Springs and has over 20 locations in Colorado (and one store in Michigan). It’s one of the biggest dispensary chains/brands in Colorado and is famous for fire flower, wholesome hash and reasonable prices. 

I’ve always been a big fan of LivWell and used to be a regular at a shop they had off Tejon Street before it closed down a while ago. Strolling into their North Nevada Avenue location though, I was initially impressed by the spaciousness and dizzying variety of products. Three budtenders helped me with my transaction, and their warmth and dedication was uplifting. Even better though, the main budtender checking me out told me I was his 10th transaction ever as he had just started in the MMJ industry. He had just moved from out of state and his positive attitude was infectious as he rang me up.


LivWell grows their own bomb flower but their concentrate is produced by a third party. This didn’t affect the quality of the hash though, and after sampling their sinsemilla, I decided to get crippled by their concentrate, the most impairing choice being their Golden Lemon Live Resin from Viola.

Viola has always been one of my fave hash companies, and I’ve met many people who swear they’re one of Colorado’s best extraction/hash producers — if not the best, perhaps even in the entire world.

Cannabreakout 5/4/22

Although there’s a strain called Golden Lemon, this batch was actually made from a “mixtape” of two strains and the name combo just happened to be the same. The mixtape included Golden Ticket (aka Mr. Dank) — a 50/50 hybrid with parents Golden Goat and Face Off OG bred by Archive Seeds Bank (although Golden Ticket may also refer to a phenotypic variation of Chernobyl, a hybrid from TGA Seeds) — and the Sativa Lemon G, a strain from Ohio descended from original G13.

The name Golden Lemon was created by combining the first word in each strain name, a common practice in the industry if a hash is made from multiple strains.

Whatever the case, this hash screamed of lemons! The smell reminded me of a lemon tart doused in limoncello and the taste was like you chased a lemon drop martini with a shot of lemon vodka. The head high was very strong and I felt almost no body high, but I could see this hash being perfect if you needed to get creative and artistic — or if you needed to get some chores done. I would say the high has much more of a Sativa feel, but it’s such a calming high that to say it’s all Sativa would be too simplistic.

The mention of a Golden Ticket made me think of the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I put on my two favorite songs from the soundtrack — “Pure Imagination” and “[I’ve Got a] Golden Ticket.” Gene Wilder is just wonderful and a quote of his from the movie is one of my all-time favorites: “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” LivWell helped me realize that to live well, I need to lighten up and enjoy the nonsense of life a little more.