Inspired by all the hype surrounding the newest installment of the Matrix film franchise — the hype was only amplified with the dropping of the latest trailer — I went tripping down the binary coded boulevard of Weedmaps to sort out my next cannadventure.

One spot kept drawing my eye, mainly due to its interesting name — Kanopya Springs. Like the Matrix’s Neo, it proved to be The One. Just like their Polish-inspired handle, Kanopya is a unique bud boutique with a sparse, no frills showroom that focuses on the only things that matter: their products.

I’m used to colorful, logo-laden shops sporting stickers and art on nearly every available surface, so this was a nice, comfortable change of pace. Instead of sensory overload, like I had just plugged into some sort of matrix myself, this joint hits you with simple, minimalist displays that highlight their craft. One can tell from the quality of their flower and their grow operation that Kanopya Springs takes pride in their products.

Kanopya is a friendly, family-run establishment with a trio of siblings at the helm. Each strain they offer (sealed away in large metal containers) can be  checked out in fine-looking display jars that add to the sleek feel of the dispensary.


And Kanopya Springs’ menu was chock full of impressive strains that had me feeling just like the proverbial kid in the candy store. One particular strain grabbed my attention because it was so tantalizingly covered in vibrant purple and red hairs, its green buds shining through (the Wilson Zero strain is as colorful and gorgeous as that new Matrix trailer). This Indica/Sativa hybrid hits with a combination of Banana OG and Papaya #3 crossed with Tropicana Cookies F1. I’ve had zero experience with the Wilson, and seeing as how Kanopya was nearly out of its most recent harvest as soon as it landed on shelves thanks to pre-orders, I decided this may be my only opportunity to familiarize myself with the strain; I took the plunge and bought a quarter-ounce, eager to find out how green their thumbs were. And I’m here to tell you — everything was green, my friends.

These frosty nugs were not playing around as I packed the dense buds into the bowl. Colorful and potent (the strain tests at 22.7 percent THC), it made all the right first impressions. While the bouquet is light and sweet, giving way to woody dankness, most of the fun takes place on your tongue. Warm and fruity flavors blend with subtle orange notes that settle onto the tastebuds a minute or two after drawing the Zero into my mouth and lungs.

After another minute or two — I am deeply baked. Wilson wasted no time taking effect — it dropped an Indica-weighted high on my head, stranding me alone on an island of euphoria with a blissful buzz. Wilson and I made fire together, and all was wonderful with the world.

Before I went in search of Wilson Zero, I’d related to those Beatles lyrics, “I was alone, I took a ride, I didn’t know what I would find there.” 

What I found at Kanopya was certainly a pleasant surprise, even a new favorite.

As far as I’m concerned, Wilson Zero is definitely a strain you should get into your flower rotation pronto — or at least by the time the next harvest comes around. Be sure to keep your canna-radars finely tuned and your eye out for Kanopya Springs and Wilson Zero.