Zkittlez Punch  Live Rosin

Commuting to Pueblo West to work overtime... on a Saturday... after a 50-hour week... is not the best start to a weekend. Late and speeding, I didn’t notice the police cruiser switching lanes to tail me.

CHERRIES AND BERRIES! BLUEBERRIES! RASPBERRIES! The sounds did their WOOP-WOOP and the lights flashed, illuminating the morning twilight as I pulled over to the side of the road. The officer was very polite but in the end I had an expensive ticket, may lose a bunch of points, and I have a court date. What a way to pickle the day! I worked my shift and knew that afterwards I’d need something heavy to polish away my dread and melancholy. Lucky me, I knew of an ace in the hole and sped like a turtle to A Cut Above.

Easy to find on Fillmore Street, ACA doesn’t look like much as you wiggle your way through the door. Although spacious, it has a very plain and clean medical feel, but don’t let this make you jump the clutch. The budtender duo showed me the most bedeviling and alluring ganja spread I’ve seen in a while — everything was too perfect with too many choices — but they got me back on the road with a selection customized to my particular preferences.

ACA has some of the loudest grass I’ve ever had the pleasure of mowing and some of the holiest hash, but out of all the blaze in the bushel was an atomic bomb: Zkittlez Punch Live Rosin made from ACA’s own top-shelf flower and extracted by Sacred Solventless. I phoned the dispo after my sesh, but the budtender didn’t know if the live rosin was extracted from a combo of two Indica-dominant hybrids — Mandarin Punch and Zkittlez Kush — or if it was from their offspring, Zkittlez Punch. Either way, it was the cat’s meow!

cannabreakout 6/29/22

The budtender did inform me that they grow using “living soil,” a gang of microbes working together, breaking down organic matter which, in turn, provides vital nutrition to the plants. I’ve noticed some of my best smoking sessions involve flower grown this way. 

What about the stony-ness? It gave me a swaggering confidence that is unusual when I get shpongled, and awakened my mind in a calming way while addressing my mental, physical, spiritual and psychic pain. I felt satori — a sense of sudden enlightenment — and a rare reaction I treasure and seek in my cannabis cavorting.

The rosin reeked of dank/stank chronic mixed with Skittles candy, and the taste was like Skittles with notes of NECCO Wafers and fruit punch.

Speaking of holy hash, I’m reminded of a quote from someone sacred to me, Jack Kerouac: “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” Just like Kerouac, my car is holy to me and I view having a driver’s license as a solemn privilege. I hope the judge will see fit to have mercy on this repentant speeder.

I’ll take advice from Kerouac and try to think positively — and thank the cannabis gods for A Cut Above, which has helped to put my current legal troubles in the rearview mirror... for now.