Fear Street Part One

Watch: Fear Street

Fin Truant’s movie of choice is Fear Street, “an excellent adaptation of R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series.... For me, though, it’s not the kills that make it memorable, nor is it the A+ ’90’s soundtrack. It’s the relationship between Deena and Sam that’s at the heart of the story that really sells it.” Parts 2 and 3 were released last month and are available on Netflix.

Read: Maybe Baby

This weeks’ read is brought to you by me, Indy fellow Anna Fiorino. Haley Nahman’s free Sunday newsletter, Maybe Baby, is a (sometimes comedic, other times downright depressing, always insightful) look at identity and culture. It’s a collection of pieces that, from personal experience, you can easily spend all day binge-reading instead of, you know, doing whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. If you have things you actually need to get done today, do not click on haleynahman.substack.com.

Listen: (eight Indy-approved podcasts to choose from!)

Reporter Heidi Beedle’s been tuning into conspiracy theory-debunker podcast QAnon Anonymous. Managing Editor Mary Jo Meade recommends The Turning: The Sisters Who Left, where former nuns share stories of their work alongside Mother Teresa. Distribution Manager Tracie Woods is casting her vote for the CO Local Podcast, a series of interviews with people from the Colorado music scene. Graphic Designer Zk Bradley suggests Hawk Vs. Wolf, where Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis talk about the good ole’ skateboarding days. Digital Director Jessica Kuhn has been listening to and is obsessed with Drama Queens, featuring the One Tree Hill actresses. Assistant Accountant Rachel Tyrrell’s excited for Season Two of true crime podcast Up and Vanished. Give! Chair Tim Kranz is a fan of science podcast Ologies with Alie Ward (think: drunk butterflies, slug sex, bee drama). And Publisher/Executive Editor Amy Gillentine’s pick? NPR’s Hidden Brain.

PLAY: Orcs Must Die! 3

Graphic designer Zk Bradley suggests Orcs Must Die! 3, the most recent installment in the award-winning series where you “[s]lice, burn, toss, zap, grind and gib massive hordes of repugnant orcs.” Slicing, dicing, grinding, zapping … seems like an effective stress ball alternative? Available on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.