Live a live

Play: Live A Live

Editorial Art Director Dustin Glatz is really interested in Live A Live, a remake of a 1994 Super Nintendo role-playing game that never made it to the United States. “Live A Live looks great. [It] features HD-2D graphics, like Octopath Traveler, and it’s beautiful,” he says. “You play as different heroes throughout different time periods. There’s a demo available as well, so people can try before buying.” Available on Nintendo Switch.

Listen: Speed King

Reporter Nick Raven is vibing out to the newest 10-minute track from Swedish electronic duo Röyksopp, “Speed King.” “It sounds like the soundtrack to a Michael Mann bank heist. It’s got that long build-up, those ultra-vocoded vocals and a racing beat as it hits a climax. It’s wonderful.” 

Watch: Elvis

Distribution Manager Tracie Woods is a huge fan of Baz Luhrmann’s new biopic Elvis. “It’s a pretty good glimpse into the making of Elvis Presley, from an organic, historical perspective and in a commercialized, monetized, money-grubbin’ sort of way,” she says. Tracie praises the cast, including Tom Hanks as Col. Tom Parker (“although the portrayal isn’t played quite as devilishly as he’s purported to have been in real life”) and Austin Butler as Elvis Presley (“[his] role of Elvis is on par with Rami Malek’s surreal embodiment of Freddie Mercury.”)

Read: The Locked Room

Managing Editor Mary Jo Meade just finished the latest Ruth Galloway mystery by Elly Griffiths — The Locked Room. “Our heroine Ruth is a British forensic archaeologist who in this installment deals with the discovery of some very old bones and a some suspicious new suicides,” she says. “It’s set during the COVID lockdowns in Norfolk, involves a sick Druid, and Ruth’s ever-peculiar relationship with the very married (not to her) DCI Harry Nelson.” Pure mind candy.