Crossy Road +

PLAY: Crossy Road+

Indy Fellow Nick Raven is playing Crossy Road+ on Apple Arcade. It “strips out all the annoying micro transactions. It’s an older endless scrolling game that’s a lot like Frogger, but I can play it right before bed and it works.” 

WATCH: Street League Skateboarding

Graphic designer ZK Bradley is watching StreetLeague Skateboarding on YouTube, and the men’s tournament was “just insane.” Zk recommends the most recent tournament, which was the men’s final in Jacksonville, Florida.

LISTEN: Gemini Rights

Indy Intern Amelia Allen is listening to guitarist/ producer Steve Lacy’s new album — his second full-length — Gemini Rights. “It was inspired by a breakup with a boyfriend and describes conflicting feelings of longing and resentment after love. Also, the beats slap. It’s like a twist between R&B, soul and lo-fi.”

READ: A Head Full of Ghosts

Publisher and Executive Editor Amy Gillentine is reading A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. “Definitely suspenseful and scary. The oldest daughter is experiencing some sort of mental illness, but the counselors can’t help. So the parents — under the advice of a priest — try an exorcism. They also agree to have their daughter’s illness recorded as part of a reality television show. The ending? Not gonna give it away, but it’s disconcerting, to say the least.”