Best Of Colorado Springs 2020: Volume 1

The Indy’s annual Best Of awards are always meant to be a celebration — a celebration of community, creativity, culture. In a time of unprecedented challenges, it’s easy to forget reasons to celebrate, but here’s the truth: It is during times of challenge that communities come together, businesses prove their most creative and culture begins to make necessary changes. So, yes, there is so much to celebrate. Our readers showed up in full force this year to vote for their favorite local businesses, organizations and individuals, and we’re delighted to finally share the results.

In Volume 1 of our Best Of awards, we honor our food, drink and nightlife industries, which have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. Restaurants have pivoted to takeout and limited dine-in service, bars have put strict social distancing guidelines in place (after being closed for months) and clubs and performance venues are still waiting for a green light to get back in business — though it won’t be business as usual, not for a long time.

So as we celebrate community, creativity and culture this year, we’re also celebrating resilience, ingenuity and flexibility. It has taken, and will continue to take, a great deal of all three to pull through these challenges. It will also take a great deal of support from all of us. 

So read through the following pages and take a moment to recognize and thank the people and businesses in our community that continue to serve, feed and entertain us.

From all of us here at the Indy: Thank you, and a hearty congratulations to our 2020 winners!

Check back next week, Oct. 28, when we share the best in community, shopping, services, health and wellness and cannabis.


Associate Editor

Alissa Smith is the associate editor of the Colorado Springs Indy, and has lived in Colorado Springs since 1996. She has coordinated listings, curated featured events, herded cats, and both edited and contributed to Queer & There.