Play: FEZ

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Indy Fellow Nick Raven is playing puzzle-platformer FEZ on his iPhone. “I didn’t think it would work so well on a phone versus the original Xbox 360 console release, but jumping around and twisting the landscape to solve puzzles may actually be more fun in this version.”

Listen: I Am The Skel Messiah

Reporter Fiona Truant is into I Am The Skel Messiah by Horns & Hooves. “[It’s] a fast-paced, nasty slab of heavy metal that reeks of sex, drugs, blasphemy and the over-the-top excess that made ’80s metal so fun.” She also notes that it’s “inappropriate for polite company.”

Read: A Spark of Light

Publisher and Executive Editor Amy Gillentine recommends the “very timely” Jodi Picoult novel A Spark of Light. “It’s about legal abortion and the decisions women are forced to make — set during a standoff at the only abortion clinic in Mississippi ... [Picoult] interviewed anti-abortion activists, and the novel asks some very thought-provoking questions.”

Watch: The Midnight Gospel

Reporter Fiona Truant and Amy Gillentine recommend the trippy visuals and real stories of the Netflix-exclusive series The Midnight Gospel. “The animation combined with the conversation makes it a very different experience. You pay more attention, listen more closely,” Amy says. On the visuals, Fiona adds, “the way Pendleton Ward and his team animate Duncan [Trussell]’s conversations is fascinating and so very human.”