Green Box Arts Festival offers weekly virtual happy hours

If your heart has been longing for a visit to the annual Green Box Arts Festival, altered this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, co-founders Christian Keesee and Larry Keigwin, in partnership with ArtDesk magazine, have a treat for you. They have launched a weekly showcase of art, artists and music titled “Happy Hour with Chris and Larry.“ You’ll get to meet the makers of some of the festival’s most talked-about installations, listen to various musicians and even explore — in a socially distanced fashion — a few select pop-up works in Green Mountain Falls.

The Monday, July 20, episode of the show, titled “Animal Soul,” explores the work of Green Box alum Jason Hackenwerth, who is known for large-scale installations involving brightly colored latex balloons. In 2011, Hackenwerth’s intricate, vibrant creations drew crowds of awed attendees and even graced the dance floor in a few whimsical and unique performances.

This year, three pop-up installations, titled “Helio,” “Nagi” and “Cronus,” will be placed throughout Green Mountain falls for visitors to enjoy safely. In a press release on the upcoming show, festival curators described Hackenwerth’s work: “Each creature of ‘Animal Soul’ draws the viewer in, around, and underneath to explore their strange and beautiful bodies.”

In addition to “Animal Soul,” the festival features “Heartmouth” by Colorado artist Pard Morrison, which can be viewed through Labor Day at Gazebo Lake Park in Green Mountain Falls, and “Pondering Ponderosas” (6990 Lake St.) by Chad Mount.

Like many other event organizers, the team at Green Box had to make the call to promote safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, creativity through adversity is at the heart of most artistic endeavors, and Green Box’s shift in 2020 is no exception.

“While many traditional experiences will be noticeably absent from this summer’s festival, we’re delighted to be creating some new things for our audience to enjoy,” says Keesee. “Many reactions to these uncertain times have been inspiring.”

The July 27 episode of the festival’s happy hour will highlight the musical talents of Kyle Dillingham and his Horseshoe Road band and discuss the musicians’ many accomplishments in recent years, as well as their contributions to Green Box.

“What makes Green Box truly special is the community created by our wonderful patrons and friends, and we are grateful for their ongoing support and generosity,” says Keesee. “It is my hope that all who are able can join us for the 2020 Green Box Arts Festival, which may have a new structure, but will still have the same passion for arts and our community.”

You can catch “Happy Hour with Chris and Larry” at 5:15 p.m. on Mondays through Aug. 3 via No matter what you do, be sure to check out the final episode of the program — the festival has teased an “exciting, top-secret announcement pertaining to a new commission for a permanent piece of art that will positively impact Green Mountain Falls as an arts destination,” also noting that the super-secret art installation will be a first for the state of Colorado.

5:15 p.m., Mondays, free,